Stacking Skylight

The tappered skylight is elaborated in 4 different forms and details with steel as bracket of tempered glass with each uses from the simple into the more complex showing the relationship in working by architect, the design team and builders. The smallest skylight is placed at the 2nd living room, bedroom, and private bathroom. The other skylights is placed in the second bedroom and offices which is exercised of opening at top and opening at the side forming a stacking expression “tumpangsari”, stepped form like stairs, a philosophy in Javanese Culture that is usually found in roof wooden structure in traditional joglo house. It’s a belief that as human we are willing to be successful, going up the ladder of life, nevertheless in this house, this form is made by concrete. The house is open facing north south while the west side is walled with open air bathroom. The other double layered poly carbonate and perforated metal sheet screen provides lighting and more privacy to the office look as its location is in the residential area.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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