Passive Cooling at the Studio facing west side

This Passive cooling provides to balance the temperature and humidity through the flow of energy. It flows for radiation, conduction, or convection, without electrical tools. Passive Cooling in this building is located in Mezzanine Studio. Here’s some pictures of Passive Cooling we have designed:

opening near the entrance

This opening provides the air flow from air conditioner from the next floor mezzanine. This opening created with 4 cm steel framework module, coated by perforated steel and we use fisher finishing . Perforated steel has designed with holes, so the air can flow through the perforated.

Catenary Curve, between Studio and Associates Room

The Catenary Curve opening could flow the air from mezzanine to the area between associates room and mezzanine. It framed by 2mm thick steel.

Gap between polycarbonat and concrete

This gap located on the side building which separates studio and motorcycle parking. The function of this gap is similiar with those opening which had been explained above; to flow the cool air from the second floor of the mezzanine to the floor below it. This gap also has a function to conduct natural light from outside the building.  This gap is coated by polycarbonate and perforated steel. Polycarbonate was placed there to reduce the warm.

In Mezanine, near the pool


Detail of little hole


Actually, this opening was closed by a 8mm solid glass, and the proper function of this opening is not the flow the air from above to below but to conduct the natural light, and to create the “unity” between the Ground Floor Mezzanine and the floor above it. Solid glass, give the transparent effect and also strong enough to  And, there is a little hole to withstand human weight. But, this opening still capable to flow the cool air, cause there is a little hole on it, which allow cross air circulation.


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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