exhibition juror

Palapa Project 2015

Greetings All,
We are delighted to announce that the curatorial judging has officially started and will run up to the next three weeks. Out of 203 Registration form we received, it appears that only 162 teams submitted their final products along with their product forms. So Congratulations for those 162 teams!! You have shown us commitment and determination to really change the world of creative industry in Indonesia. So well done guys :D!
Here are the list of the curators who are currently judging your works:
1. Sou Fujimoto; Top Japanese architect, designed the Serpentine Gallery in London
2. Yoshiko Ikoma; The revolutioner of Japanese Creative Industry Modern Movement, inspiration of Palapa Project
3. Bridget Fleming; Photographer of Harpers Bazaar USA
4. Nancy Margried; The creator of Batik Fractal (the digital method that can help to create the traditional batik with high precision and accuracy)
5. Francis Surjaseputra; The president of Indonesian Interior Design Association
6. Johan Chandra; The director of Indonesian Biennale (Indonesian most celebrated Art Festival)
7. Realrich Sjarief; The director of Dot Workshop Architectural firm (one of the most celebrated architecture firms in Indonesia). He was part of the Norman Foster Architecture team few years back before he established his own company in Indonesia.
8. Tex Saverio; An Indonesian fashion designer, the designer behind Katniss’s dress in The Hunger Games who already dressed Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian
9. Stelios Geros; A UK based fashion designer and pattern maker who is currently a teacher in Istituto Marangoni London
10. Suzanne Lussier; A UK based art historian who was one of the curators for the Victoria & Albert Museum (the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design) in London
11. Martin Postler; The director of PostlerFerguson, an international-recognised creative agency
12. André Klauser; A German product designer, a member of RCA London
13. Alexander Taylor; A leading Europe product designer, a member of RCA London
14. Freyja Serwell; A British product designer who was awarded the prestigious London Design Museum Residency
15. Ben Wilson; A UK based 3D industrial designer whose work has been extensively published and exhibited worldwide.
Stay tuned to hear some more from us!


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture