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Realrich Sjarief in collaboration with Eka Osa Swadiansa and Andy Rahman is in conference, exhibition, and lecture for spirit 45 in Paris, Le Havre, and Lyon published in Sinar, French Journal

The Spirit 45 Indonesian movement, founded in 2017 by three young Javanese and Balinese architects, invites Sinar for an exhibition on March 11 at 5pm. “Contextual Making Form” explores the relativism between the influence of the context on the form of the project and the impact of this form on its environment. “We tend to put art in the background of our architectural research to take the path of a contextual approach especially when it is linked to the history of a place going pragmatically to the reuse of building materials “. Eka Swadiansa The conference and exhibition presents a series of projects that explore how form is contextualized. The reuse of building materials creating visual contradictions between the old and the new, a geometric survey on the evolution of archetypes that reveals the historical roots of contemporary forms and finally the influence of the tropical context through vernacular forms. rendez-vous on March 11 to meet these architects from the end of the world

Le mouvement Indonésien Spirit 45 fondé en 2017 par 3 jeunes architectes Javanais et balinais, s’invite chez Sinar pour une expo-conférence le 11 mars à 17h. « Contextual Making Form » explore le relativisme entre l’influence du contexte sur la forme du projet et l’impact de cette forme sur son environnement.

« nous avons tendance à mettre l’art au second plan de notre recherche architecturale pour emprunter le chemin d’une approche contextuelle notamment lorsqu’elle est liée à l’histoire d’un lieu en allant pragmatiquement jusqu’au réemploi de matériaux de construction ». Eka Swadiansa

La conférence et l’exposition présente une série de projets qui explore comment la forme se contextualise. Le réemploi de matériaux de construction créant des contradictions visuelles entre l’ancien et le nouveau, une enquête géométrique sur l’évolution des archétypes qui révèle l’enracinement historique des formes contemporaines et enfin l’influence du contexte tropical  au travers de formes vernaculaires.

rendez-vous le 11 mars pour rencontrer ces architectes du bout du monde

here is the link https://sinar.fr/2018/02/23/spirit-45-sinvite-chez-sinar/

exhibition lecture

Forum Archinesia #30; Current Projects of 5 Indonesian Architect

Archinesia (30/09): Speakers of #FAA30 who have just presented their Current Projects are onstage for a Q&A and Peer Review session. Among the questions asked were about “guest areas”, roofs, bamboo as a material, and a fellow architect’s impressive development in terms of design quality

exhibition lecture

Podomoro University seminar: Architecture of Impact

An exhibition of Podomoro student work, finalized by several Indonesian architect to discuss the Impact of architecture for community.

7-21 Agustus 2017

11.00 s.d. 17.00

SEMINAR 16 Agustus 2017 13.00 s.d. 14.30

by Abimantra Pradhana, A+A Architects

19 Agustus 2017

13.00 s.d. 14.30

Discussion by Reza Nurtjahja, Urbane dan Realrich Sjarief, RAW Architects.

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99 Percent The Guild

99% The Guild : Open House
We Glady invited you to come to 99 PercentThe Guild : Open house, new home of RAW, Omah Library, and Residence of realrich and family .

There will be a lecture by Anas Hidayat titled 1 percent yang dinanti, about the death of the architect after the work is born and sharing of the craftsmanship process with the team involved to attract discussion and further response. We need you to RSVP because space is limited, there will be food for people who are fasting at 6 pm after the lecture.
The term 99 % is a process of almost finished which every work is always faced where 1% is left to the future, where work is occupied, changed, redefined by further need. The work of architect processed based on its expedients, alchemy, and experiments during the process of the making. Expedients are about the resources available in the process, alchemy is about the relationship along the persons inside the making, and experiments is more into the product driven by expedients and alchemy. The discussion about this work is based on this 3 category to uncover the relationship in the process of making of the guild which we are all hoping to hear, see, and learn from its 99% product and process. The process of living inside the cluster is always evolving, in this open house, but the process will be opened and shared, for critics and restless spirits just for evaluating the process and product.
invitation card will be given after RSVP because the space is limited. Thank you, see you all

Please RSVP, to book your schedule, in :

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Palapa Project 2015

Greetings All,
We are delighted to announce that the curatorial judging has officially started and will run up to the next three weeks. Out of 203 Registration form we received, it appears that only 162 teams submitted their final products along with their product forms. So Congratulations for those 162 teams!! You have shown us commitment and determination to really change the world of creative industry in Indonesia. So well done guys :D!
Here are the list of the curators who are currently judging your works:
1. Sou Fujimoto; Top Japanese architect, designed the Serpentine Gallery in London
2. Yoshiko Ikoma; The revolutioner of Japanese Creative Industry Modern Movement, inspiration of Palapa Project
3. Bridget Fleming; Photographer of Harpers Bazaar USA
4. Nancy Margried; The creator of Batik Fractal (the digital method that can help to create the traditional batik with high precision and accuracy)
5. Francis Surjaseputra; The president of Indonesian Interior Design Association
6. Johan Chandra; The director of Indonesian Biennale (Indonesian most celebrated Art Festival)
7. Realrich Sjarief; The director of Dot Workshop Architectural firm (one of the most celebrated architecture firms in Indonesia). He was part of the Norman Foster Architecture team few years back before he established his own company in Indonesia.
8. Tex Saverio; An Indonesian fashion designer, the designer behind Katniss’s dress in The Hunger Games who already dressed Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian
9. Stelios Geros; A UK based fashion designer and pattern maker who is currently a teacher in Istituto Marangoni London
10. Suzanne Lussier; A UK based art historian who was one of the curators for the Victoria & Albert Museum (the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design) in London
11. Martin Postler; The director of PostlerFerguson, an international-recognised creative agency
12. André Klauser; A German product designer, a member of RCA London
13. Alexander Taylor; A leading Europe product designer, a member of RCA London
14. Freyja Serwell; A British product designer who was awarded the prestigious London Design Museum Residency
15. Ben Wilson; A UK based 3D industrial designer whose work has been extensively published and exhibited worldwide.
Stay tuned to hear some more from us!



Sliced Wood is in Bienale Kriya 2013

Sliced Wood, a furniture designed by Realrich Sjarief is in Biennale Desain Kriya 2013. Here is the note from the committee

Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif mengundang Anda untuk mengikuti acara Biennale Desain & Kriya Indonesia 2013 yang akan secara resmi dibuka untuk publik tanggal 20 Desember 2013 sampai dengan 19 Januari 2014.

Penyelenggaraan kali ini membawakan tema “GeoEtnik” yang memamerkan dan memperbincangkan tentang karya dan wacana tentang potensi budaya dan lingkungan lokal sebagai kontribusi terhadap solusi global. Tema ini akan direpresentasikan dalam tiga program: Eksibisi, Forum dan Lokakarya.

Konsep dan tema biennale ini dirancang dan dikembangkan oleh Komite Pengarah yang anggotanya: Wagiono Soenarto (ketua), Chandra Johan, Diana Nazir, Dina Midiani, Eddy Soetriyono dan Imelda Akmal; serta yang berperan sebagai Tim Kurator adalah: Irvan Noe’man (ketua), Solichin Gunawan, Harry Purwanto, Eko Prawoto dan Taruna Kusmayadi.

Eksibisi Desain & Kriya

Eksibisi Biennale Desain & Kriya dipamerkan dalam dua bentuk: Eksibisi Individual dan Kolaborasi. Eksibisi Individual akan menghadirkan karya dari: 
Achmad Haldani, Afif Syakur
, Agus Windharto,
 Ahadiat Joedawinata, Ahmad Nizam, Ali Charisma
, Alvi Lufiani, Andar Bagus
, Arie Wibowo, Arief (Ayip) Budiman, Ary Indra
, Audrey Chaerunnisa, Bintan Titisari, Deddi Setia Dharma, Deddy Wahyudi
, Dian Widiawati, Eka Sofyan Rizal, Eny Ming
, Erwin Firmansyah,
 Fitorio Leksono
, Gede Kresna, Hadhi Siswanto, Harry Ibrahim
, Harry Mawardi, Irwan Ahmett
, Ismiaji Cahyono, Iwan Sastrawiguna
, Janardana Gandasubrata, Jimmy Fey Fey
, John Martono
, M. Arief Budiman, Markus Sugiaman
, Meizan Nataadiningrat, Nancy Margried
, Natas Setiabudh, Noor Ari, Novita Angka
, Nuniek Mawardi
, Oka Diputra
, Ramadhoni Dwi Payana
, Realrich Syarief
, Rendy Himawan, Rudy Dodo,
 Savira Lavinia Raswari, Setiadi Sopandi, Subandinah, Suwardana Winata
, Tegep Oktaviansyah, Toton Januar, Toufiq Panji Wisesa
, Wignyo Rahadi, Xenia Palar, Yan Mursid
 dan Yasser Rizky.

Eksibisi Kolaborasi akan menampilkan karya dari:
(1): Budi Pradono + Adelinah Chandra + Abie Abdillah,
(2): Andra Matin + Hermawan Tanzil,
(3): Alvin Tjitrowirjo + Tiarma Dame Ruth Sirait + Abdul Sobur,
(4): Rinaldy A Yunardi + Sandy Karman + Mariska Adriana,
(5): Dharma Prayoga + Gilang L Mandiri + Susan Budihardjo,
(6): Zanun Nurangga + Kahfiati Kahdar + Suyin + Joshua Simandjuntak,
(7): Biranul Anas Zaman + Sarah Ginting + Francis Surjaseputra,
(8): Yoshi Fajar Kresno Murti + Mizan Allan de Neve + Sir Dandy,
(9): Timbul Rahardjo + Gamia Dewanggamanik + Panca DZ,
(10): Deden Siswanto + Andry Masri,
(11): Adhi Nugraha + Ilhamia Nuantika + Ahmad ‘Sofie’ Sofiyulloh,
(12): Adi Panuntun + Rina Renville + Yu Sing, serta
(13): Titiana Irawani + Ayu Joddy.

Seluruh acara Biennale Desain & Kriya sepenuhnya akan diselenggarakan di Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14, Jakarta Pusat. Untuk informasi lengkap dapat menghubungi panitia dengan: Adlien (0812-8466-4899) & Mangesty (0813-1047-5934).

Bibliography :




Palapa Project London

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Realrich is selected as currator for Palapa Project together with Andre Klauser, Alexander Taylor, Ben Wilson, Bridget Fleming, Chandra Johan, Francis Surjaseputra, Freyja Serwell, Martin Postler, Nancy Margried, Sou Fujimoto, Suzanne Lussier, Stelios Geros, Tex Saverio, dan Yoshiko Ikoma.

Here is one of the publication by media :

Bertempat di Auditorium William Soeryadjaya, Prasetiya Mulya Business School BSD City, Rabu (5/9), dipamerkan 30 produk kreatif hasil karya mahasiswa Indonesia. Semua produk kreatif ini merupakan hasil dari Kompetisi Palapa Project yang telah berlangsung sepanjang Maret hingga Juli 2013. Kompetisi ini terbuka bagi para mahasiswa seluruh Indonesia. Hasil karya yang masuk selanjutnya dikurasi sehingga terpilih 30 produk kreatif yang akan dibawa ke London untuk dipamerkan di sana. Kurator yang terlibat dalam project ini pun tidak sembarangan. Ada 15 kurator internasional yang ikut berpartisipasi, lima orang di antaranya berasal dari Indonesia. Ke-15 kurator tersebut adalah: Andre Klauser, Alexander Taylor, Ben Wilson, Bridget Fleming, Chandra Johan, Francis Surjaseputra, Freyja Serwell, Martin Postler, Nancy Margried, Realrich Sjarief, Sou Fujimoto, Suzanne Lussier, Stelios Geros, Tex Saverio, dan Yoshiko Ikoma.

Dari 30 produk kreatif yang berhasil menarik perhatian para kurator, dipilih tiga peringkat teratas yang akan ikut ke London guna menjelaskan karya mereka di depan publik. Peringkat pertama adalah Astrajingga dari Bandung. Produknya adalah sunglasses dengan bingkai kayu. Desain tersebut terinspirasi dari bentuk blangkon, sehingga motif warna kayunya juga meruncing di bagian tengah layaknya blangkon. Masih dari Bandung, di peringkat kedua ada Mandaka dengan produk berupa lampu gantung yang bagian luarnya berlapis kain lurik. Sedangkan tas tangan wanita Webe duduk di peringkat ketiga. Webe merupakan satu dari enam produk hasil karya mahasiswa Prasetiya Mulya yang masuk dalam 30 produk terpilih.

Menurut Albert Arron Pramono dari PPI UK (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia – United Kingdom) selaku penyelenggara, Palapa Project ingin menghubungkan Indonesia dan Inggris lewat ekonomi kreatifnya. Ketika krisis ekonomi melanda Eropa, Inggris bisa dibilang satu-satunya negara yang berhasil selamat. Hal itu dikarenakan ekonomi kreatifnya yang telah maju dan kuat. Belajar dari situ, PPI UK ingin mengembangkan ekonomi kreatif di Indonesia dengan membangun networking antara pelaku ekonomi di Indonesia dengan pelaku ekonomi sekaligus pasar di Inggris.

Yang ingin ditunjukkan dengan adanya Palapa Project ini adalah Indonesia bisa menghasilkan produk kreatif, dan bukan hanya sekadar batik. Produk-produk yang masuk ke Palapa Project harus memiliki filosofi yang berakar dari kultur bangsa Indonesia. Sedangkan penilaiannya dilihat dari enam elemen, yaitu: design, content, feature functionality, usability, marketability, dan standard compliance. Untuk memasukkan karyanya, mahasiswa tersebut harus membentuk tim bersama seorang pengrajin. Mengapa?

“Mahasiswa biasanya penuh dengan ide tapi belum punya skill dan pengalaman. Nah, kekurangan itulah yang dilengkapi oleh pengrajin,” jelas Albert.

Di London, 30 produk kreatif terpilih tersebut akan dipamerkan di Bargehouse pada 4-6 Oktober 2013. Selain artist talk dengan para peringkat 1-3 dan kurator, agenda pameran tersebut adalah workshop serta networking night. Untuk info lebih lengkap tentang Palapa Project, bisa dilihat di web palapanetwork.com atau email ke enquiries@palapanetwork.com



Bibliography :

text : http://news.indonesiakreatif.net/palapa-project-emerging-indonesia/

Illustration by Victorius Kendrick  : https://www.behance.net/gallery/13285089/PALAPA-PROJECT


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Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels, by : Kalanglarik

Realrich is in collaboration for Bayu Prasetyo’s Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels Installation at Tembi Rumah Budaya Together with other 2  artists, Susan Mayasella (visual arts), Anggitasari Mumpuni (fashion designer).

Here is the description by Media :

After winning a local poetry, storytelling and music competition in Surakarta (1993), his passion ignites from an early age. Since then on Bayu Prasetyo committing himself to arts as a medium of his contribution to the society. This chosen path unravels to be not without struggles, Bayu identifies himself as “Kalanglarik” in his dedication. In the same passion and struggles Bayu managed to complete his M.A. in Film Making from London International Film School (2006).

Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels is a selection of Kalanglarik’s notes. Without giving too much,kalang means horizons/limitations and larik from the word lyrics/words. In respect of every colors in one’s life journey, this installation celebrates the shades of grey in parallel to time. Moments where sincere offerings have no place, underrated despair, feelings of abandonment that forced us to questions our faith in The Saviour Angel’s existence -all that is hidden from our day to day survival functionalities.

An explorative piece, Bayu dedicates a space to deliver his poems through various separate installations that correlates with each other. Done by orchestrating all elements within that space, may it be props, sound, light and many others, Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels is transforming a room designed to trigger our sensory receptions and memories. An opportunity for other people to interact and engaged in the process of creating their own personal stories.

Although different, yet its creative approach is similar to film-making, which is to integrate, support and enhance the process of story-telling. Worked in close collaboration with three other artists, Susan Mayasella (visual arts), Anggitasari Mumpuni (fashion designer), Realrich Syarief (architect), along side the support of British Council Indonesia and many others, Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels is visitable at TeMBI Rumah Budaya: Jalan Gandaria I/47B, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.

Private viewing (by invitation only) on Friday 13th April 2012 at 7.30PM.
For media coverage purposes, we welcome your confirmation:
0818 180 848 (Anggit) or a.mumpuni@gmail.com

Open to public, free admission, from 14 – 28 April 2012.
Mon-Friday 10AM – 9PM & Sat 10AM – 6PM

for further info: www.kalanglarik.com

and updates: t: #SilentCry