Young People Speak up

I have much to say why my reputation should be rescued from the load of false accusation and calumny which has been heaped upon it. -Robert Emmet

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Yesterday I was quite surprised seeing the post on Facebook about the work of my student, Evan Kriswandi, Gideon Sutanto, Reynold Adiputra, Michael Jo . They got 2nd prize for Sinar mas Competition. There was people questioned about the scheme that my students worked on, the scheme was questioned on its originality, presumably it was questioned as similar with the other people works who had won the second and first prize of other competition few years ago. This question was about ethic, not about the scheme, but to see the ethic, one can analyse the scheme and think about the brief of the competition, which was quite different and the result was different at all. By looking at the premise, the question failed, it became rhetoric, I would think that It’s accusition. It’s not fair for my students.

Few hours, after the discussion in his post. Avianti Armand wrote in her timeline, a note for herself which I think is valid for this context that the questions should be analysed with further data before we posted it to public, social media before we judged people. Because if those premise failed before we accused other, the writer will look stupid. She wrote it as a note for herself, but actually I feel so sad.

I feel sad for all of these unimportant debate, discussion or whatsoever.

I feel sad because of the effort of 2 months work made by the students, their good name was judged based on one false interpretation. I followed their effort each week, watching the scheme scrutinized over and over, deconstructed over and over, looking it over, and I looked at the process. What if I wasn’t there, I wasn’t there looking, was there any people to back them up ? what if this thing happen in other area ? Do we actually have that ethic to appreciate others ? do we have the intention to build good relationship on building good profession.

I feel sad because, is it really our level of understanding architecture deep enough to innovate ? I felt so dizzy, and quite angry of this debate and waited for objective discussion came in. and waiting for more positive people will join the debate. I feel sad because, the road of becoming architect for this young students, still long way, and they faced reality that judgement, accusation will color their path. It’s not only to my students, but for all of the young people.

But at the end, I am feeling happy that the have faced this situation in their young age, their first few days after graduation so they can wake up. I feel happy to support the young people like them, to grow because I have been helped by number of fantastic altruistic people, to help my practice grow. I have been helped by number of positive support by people surrounding me. So young people, keep on fighting, don’t be afraid to speak your words. be brave ! I am at your back, the objective is not to hate people personality, but to discourage judgement and to spread more love of architecture. after all architecture is not only profession, but it’s more than that.

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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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