30 days of Miracle – the little prince

Miracle is already one month old. I love my wife and him so much, being blessed by this wonderful son is fulfilling. Thank you God for this beautiful gift. He knew when his father and mother wanted to have dinner, he would keep silent, after we finished dinner, he would scream, and asking for milk. I laughed with Laurensia, while I was driving on the street that I used to go,

I remembered 6 years ago, I drove through this street, my memory flickered and Laurensia’s face came up, she was not still the same like before, more beautiful, holding baby Miracle, I was feeling so blessed. Miraclerich brought miracle to our family, blessing, happiness. All of the sweet memories, hopefully it will last.
I remmeber verses by Shantideva in book titled Altruism written by Matthieu Ricard, I change I to Miracle, hoping my son could be a miracle to society.

May miracle be a guard for those who have no protector A guide for those who journey on the road.
For those who wish to go across the water,
May he be a boat, a raft, a bridge
May he be an island for those who yearn for landfall, And a lamp for those who long for light;
For those who need a resting-place, a bed;
For all who need a servant, may him be their help.
May he be the wishing jewel, the vase of plenty a word of power and the supreme remedy, May he be the tree of miracles,
And for every being the cow of abundance
Like the earth and the pervading elements, Enduring as the sky itself endures,
For boundless multitudes of living beings, May I be their ground and sustenance
Thus for every thing that lives,
As far as are limits of the sky,
May he provide their livelihood and nourishment Util they pass beyond the bonds of suffering.

I think my hope for miracle, is also our hope for ourself. to be useful to others.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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