Home Sweet Home

20160306 at Home Sweet Home  “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. “William Arthur Ward

design has been changing from time to time in every week, there has been iterations.


I am really thankful for all of the situation which is happening around me and family, and beautiful people that I met every day.

In these few months, the economy is quite challenging. I am focussing in small bits design part, and keeping myself busy with upcoming design commission, and ongoing construction. I really want to go to travel to somewhere beautiful, but Miracle is still  4 months old. If we take the trip, he can’t go with us, doctor recommended that his age needs to be 6 months to be safe on the plane. Anyway,  what’s happening in these months? Saturday and Sunday are days for Miracle and Laurensia, while sometimes the time is for studio and omah . In these 4 months, Ordinary things happening every day, I love ordinary, three things which are : first old friend, second about Future life, and the third Ordinary design check up.

First, Old friend, first client, Charles asked me to do renovation for bare minimalist few months ago, it’s about the renovation, refining the crown for ME and redoing bare concrete finishes. We did some renovation for his project, I did small bit design for him, landscape, steel perforated plate detail to allow air coming to the ME space. Meanwhile, Song Chin, the editor from Malaysia asked bare minimalist to be published in his magazine, a couple of interviews, the magazine will be out next months, looking forward to reading it and get feedback from it.

here is new picture of Bare Minimalist, owned by Charles Wiriawan. With new detail joint of polycarbonate using Alumunium to avoid dust and leaking, the roof top of perforated plate detail.
here is new pictures of Bare Minimalist, owned by Charles Wiriawan. With new detail joint of polycarbonate using Aluminium to avoid dust and leaking, the rooftop of perforated plate detail.
new lighting spot installment to support activity.
new lighting spot installment to support activity.

House of  Frans Wirawan, is going to be published soon in local publication endorsed by Karlina from Laras, she and may my client seems to be happy, I’m happy for him. A publication, for me, is just a moment for reflection in our work, the writer justified all of the facts, and created such a story in appreciating architecture. From that point, several perspective might happened, I hope for critics for my work, as what as discussion with fellow architect friends  from time to time, that the evaluation attitude is needed to improve ourself to be better architect.

Second, Sometimes, some blessings happening in ordinary time because of many people helped us, supported us. We have to keep supporting people around us, such as Albert came to me about creating community village in Belitung, how he was so excited to build the village in Membalong area, South of Belitung. He and his dad Pak Agus, wanted to do good, of course, there will be a business premise, but the spirit is good. what we did in the program is to inject artist to the village, by creating, designing, and combining local and designer. hopefully,  this will make the village come to live. We have done the project, nicely, Albert is going to Singapore to bring in their new concept in joint collaboration with IMABARI, hope his project will be built soon. I can understand some of the commercial projects need gimmick marketing, the challenge is always, make the realization. In order to realize the project, the challenge and pressure will be there, the reaction to it, and the positivism will be very important.

Third, Just 2 weeks ago, We were selected by Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAI)  to do the design of Archery area, Football area, and Hockey area in Gelora Bung Karno. The dateline is strict and short. From what I see in the gap, that Architecture programming will be very important, it shows certain standard, budgeting, the flow of people,goods, executive, degree of privacy. At the end, it is about the responsible to be professional. From this point of view, we did a certain study for programming, before starting the design, and doing several scenario of circulation, mass, and activity. It’s like I am very critical about this in the design group with another architect, I did this in a purpose of being responsible for design decision which I think this will support the team with the correct ground, doing grounded design and functional design. It’s about the basic of the design, nothing more.

First Briefing 7.:30 at Gelora Bung Karno Administration Office 
Second Meeting with Colleague


Meeting till 2.30 pm morning with Supie Yolodie, Adi Purnomo, Adjienegara, Boy Bhirawa, Maria Rosantina, Deddy Wahjudi, Nelly Daniel, Danang. 

Things, the moment became the blessing in this challenging time. I am really thankful, and appreciate the kindness of all of the support of the family, wherever you are, please take care. We are moving to the guild soon.


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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