Team - Reflection Letter

Clara Priskila Pranata – Universitas Tarumanegara

First time I had a chance to take my internship program in RAW, I was so excited to get involved in that famous architect company. I thought that working in an architecture firm is like working in an ordinary office with the usual working hours, looking at the screen all day, doing a daily task and repeat the routine. But the moment after I saw OMAH library and RAW’s working space, I thought it would be different from what that I expected.

I started my intern by making presentation and research for a resort. I learned how to make a good presentation that is simple but informative with useful pictures and information, different with the one that I used to do before. Started with a basic theory like golden proportion to make alternatives of façade, is new for me. Learning about using software with tricks and a useful shortcut to make things faster, I amazed with how they did it so quickly. The most important thing that I learned was to make something that is really useful and clear, not something pretty but cannot be used in the project. I also feel the togetherness spirit in the office that keeps our mind open and creative to face many deadlines and bunch of works. Studio is a fun place with the balance of work and playtime.

For me, working in the studio gives me the reality of architecture. It’s about process, long way to go until something can be called as finished. I learned a lot about the stages of creating something, start from basic research, site analysis, also massing form with efficiency and suitable program. All the stages have to be cleared and well prepared before we can create a good architecture. Giving alternatives also important, to show our process of learning, also to prove that we are not selfish in designing something based on our own opinion. Take a look at many references before you design to achieve the goal that clients wanted. It’s only a month and a half of learning process, but it had opened my mind somehow about being an architect. RAW studio is full of good-hearted people with creative thoughts and they like to share what they’ve got to complete each other. I like being surrounded with those great architects with creative minds, especially with the leadership of Mr. Realrich, RAW’s principal who gave me so much knowledge about architecture. All of this working process is like an important experience for an architecture student that cannot be given from another place.

Last but not least, I would like thank to all dream team, RAW’s architects for helping me with my internship program. Thank you for teaching me how important a research is, how to use software properly, make modeling in right ways, also how to make a good presentation in order to satisfy clients. I hope that my learning process is still going, and I’m looking forward to being a future architect soon.

Clara Priskila

Tarumanagara University (2013)

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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