Parabolic Plywood Office


The table was arranged by Bu Lisa few days before the photoshoot by Eric Dinardi

Puncak Keemasan Group Office is just published in Archdaily. It’s the effort of truly hardwork and passion by all of the people involved, also with the support by the owner which is been bound to be beautiful memory. In this project the design works with the parabolic and modular shape, exercised into whole series of efficient construction system, efficient architectural finishes, and merged into sequence of experience.

00-langit-langit-kayu00 - Partisi modular kurva.jpg00 - Struktur pohon tumpuk.jpg

We were honoured to work in this project, this project demanded much of time and energy while the construction floor level is not same, it’s tilting, and slanted in 5 cm discrepancy. the construction time demanded to be not more than 3 months. the project struggled to keep on the design and construction going well in the process.

The fabricated module carried to the site one by one, and the project finaly near to completion in the bitter and sweet experience, resulted the picture that Eric took few weeks ago.

But, the most important is, and the honour is to see the owner, PKG group, the staffs happily using the place, and fitting the workspace behaviour into the space into such lovely memory.

I was committed to submit projects to archdaily or dezeen to test and evaluate our quality of work as a part of feedback, and gathering the 1 % of the process as a part of 99% what we have done.

Have a great day all. love you

The Project is designed for Puncak Keemasan Group, Pak Ferry, Bu Lisa, Pak Sugih, Pak Jimmy, Bu Yohana, Pak Iskander.


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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