Greetings from Bu Pauline

Bu Pauline Budianto sent me one video and 2 picture,

she said “Hai Rich, sudah seminggu lebih kami menikmati keindahan hasil karyamu di sekolah AO. Anak2 saya pas lihat pertama kali langsung berbinar matanya…
Katanya: worth it juga ya ma….meninggalkan segala kenyamanan sekolah di belanda….. kalo di Belanda nggak bisa menikmati yg seperti begini.
Thanks Rich! ”

I knew her, for her contributions in the fishermen village at Muara Angke, a part of changes which was proposed during the governance of Basuki T Purnama in Jakarta. I have not still have a chance to meet her in person.

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Knowing her message, the Honour is for the hardwork for all of people involved,

I remember video sent by Pak Rendy, few weeks ago
It’s a pleasure and honour.

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