Dili East Timor, Facing obstacle in our life.


My wife is always sad when the time I will fly abroad. This time i will go to Dili, East Timor to assist Yoga and Faela of Institute of Transportation and Development Policy. A NGO organisation which is based in New York. I have been working together with them for 5 years now since introduced by Dani, friend from Planology in the past pedestrian project.

Laurensia has helped me to organise the office so far, she juggled in the complexity of the firm while I formed the associates to help me to do better design for the clients. I knew she was sad day ago because I will leave the family for several day.

Miraclerich has grown up into decent toddler, Laurensia taught him well.



We try to teach miracle value of respecting other, and knowing the consequence of his actions. It’s quite hard, I would prefer to do design actually. Last time, he felt down while he ran, in our heart we want to lift him, but instead doing that, we let him to stand by himself. Miracle cried loudly. In middle of the night, Miracle will wake up and cried asking to be moved in our bed. Laurensia was affraid if Miracle will fall down from our bed because our bed does not have any fence. His bed has 80 cm fence. I moved him back to his bed, and he cried loudly, he choked, and finaly slept after that.

The day after that, we did that again, but this time, Laurensia handled it differently. After Miracle woke up in the middle of the night, Laurensia would slept in Miracle’s bed, I will make milk for him, and Laurensia slept with Miracle just for making him feeling safe but it’s still in Miracle’s bed.

I faced this this situation as well, when new thing happened and it’s new experience. We have to adapt, I was lucky to have my family and Laurensia to help me to adapt the situation. It’s been almost a week now, and Miracle can sleep alone in his bed. I’m proud of him and Laurensia helped him to pass through his hardtime.






Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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