Design United’s first Design Conference

I was invited by Design United, they are young and promising platform which curious about how architecture make a profound impact on humanity. In the venue there will be Anna Herringer and my fellow friend Wendy Teo, and many more architects that I look up to (you can scroll their name below).

Here is the news from the Design United’s Committee :

Design United’s first Design Conference

We are uber-excited to be hosting Design United’s first Design Conference on the 15th of November with talented designers & artists.
We will explore examples of small yet meaningful design efforts and their potential for lasting impact.

We are joined by Ar. Anna Heringer of Anna Heringer Architecture-Germany, Ar. Jan Glasmeier of Simple Architecture-Thailand, Ar. Khondaker Hasibul Kabir of Co.Creation.Architects-Bangladesh, Ar. Wendy Teo of Borneo Art Collective-Malaysia, Ar. Goy Zhenru of Goy Architects-Singapore, Ar. Realrich Sjarief of RAW Architecture-Indonesia, Compartment S4-India along with amazing designers, Dhiraj Manandhar of Manankaala Design Studio-Nepal and Ayaka Yamashita of

The session is moderated by young architects and architecture students: Vaissnavi Shukl, Tejaswini Krishna, Huzefah Haroon, Amrit Phull, Vrinda Kanvinde, Ayush Gangwal, Chinar Balsaraf and Priyanka Shelke.

When: 9AM onwards, Saturday, 15 November 2020
Registration: http://www.clayworks.space/webinars


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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