Team - Reflection Letter

Panji Ugra

To Kak Realrich Sjarief and RAW Team

Time flies so fast. I just finished my internship program at RAW Architecture for 17 meaningful weeks. My internship experience started on 18th December 2020 when I saw RAW Architecture open an internship program. I am so thankful that RAW Architecture gave me opportunity to learn so many things as an architect. My first impression of RAW Architecture is little bit shocking because the work culture is so crazy. Everyone is working so fast and go home late at night. I thought that I can’t keep up with RAW’s working pace. In the end, I managed to through all the obstacles because everyone in the studio was so kind to help.

Before I work at RAW Architecture, I thought that architecture is only about conceptual design. After I work at RAW Architecture, I realized that architecture is a knowledge that so comprehensive. I learned so many things, not just how to design but all the details including communication skill toward clients.

My first project at RAW Architecture is Danau Biru Compound. I can’t forget the knowledge that Kak Realrich gave me about the existing house of Danau Biru. The spaces and the details of House at Danau Biru is so breathtaking. Danau Biru Compound is the only project that RAW Team gave me a task to make model. Although the model is not detail, I still learned the principle how to make model for client presentation.

The project that I involved a lot is House of Tjandra at Puri Botanical. I learned so many aspects in this project, not just the interior design principle but also the details that make the space is unique. One of my favorite moments is when I got the chance to design the swimming pool area. I was so surprised that Kak Realrich told me to refer to Carlo Scarpa’s Design for designing the swimming pool stair. Before I got this assignment, I thought that all swimming pool stair design is template but RAW Team taught me differently. Even is just a stair, we need to elevate the standard so that we can achieve a remarkable design.

To Conclude, I want to thank to Kak Realrich for letting me in this awesome office and also all of the associates and designer, Kak Ali, Kak Dini, Kak Riyan Kak Pandu, Kak Alvyan, Kak Thomas, Kak Timbul, Kak Vivi, Kak Erick, Kak Meimei, Kak Riko, Kak Khaffyd, Kak Fina, Kak Icha and Kak Alim for all the knowledge that I got. And last but not the least, the interns, Kak Icang, Caca, Avie, Joshi and Nielson for all the fun moments that we spend together. Thank you very much RAW, I wish you all the best.Best Regards,

Panji Diwya Ugranindito

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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