Thank you Jurors, Marcus Fairs, and all of the Dezeen team. Guha is in Long Listed of Dezeen Award

Marcus Fairs and all of the Dezeen team. I just wanna say that thank you for the initiative of the Dezeen Awards. We got an email about good news for the RAW Architecture studio. So Guha is long-listed in Dezeen 2021 award which means, the cave’s experimentation is recognized. The transformation over time needs patience and elaboration of methods, tectonic in implementation. Since the beginning, The impact that the award gave us is powerful. We have got recognition from many intellectuals. Even though it also challenges us to be able to improve even further. It’s like a mirror asking ourselves, are we progressing ? or are we stuck by our own shadows and persona. Jung is probably right, to be to overcome ourselves. We need to say grateful for all of the other people have done to us.
This work has a resemblance of collage of available context and making of craftmanship. The program is flexible and forms a Labyrinth that has 200 doors inside. The doors showing the degree of flexibility, and the maze represent the dynamic and plural change.
All of the inspiring intellectual people have the shadow of being the type of people who forget the roots, how I dream of a society that appreciates and has a unique and specific design approach, providing complete generic solutions, and still humane.
To service our clients, our own ecosystem, our daily routines, appreciating the people inside the studio is my goal. It’s an act of giving. This is my message to myself as hope and a reflection of our journey process. This is with the hope of building a studio culture with dialogue. I asked the people inside the studio to write down impressions on experience in the studio. Many people answered in simple writing. Many people write long paragraphs. All of the prayers for our studio are developing than before. This is including the hope of building a studio culture with dialogue.

“Even though I’ve only been in RAW Architecture for three days, but I can already sense the fast and restless flows of information in-between the work environment, which honestly made me quite “surprised” because I wasn’t fully used to this pace. But I started to learn how to work with a team, and was more careful with details, whether it’s technical details that have been ‘standardized’, or non-technical such as workflows doing a job/drawing in the studio. From that ambience, it sparks myself to fully extend my creativity and my energy, giving good strains to them so that they will expand and grow in the long run. … I am really grateful to be here and will try my best to keep my pace up, my learning spirit up, and get to know all of the family more.”-Avinsa Haykal.

“Grateful to still be given the opportunity to work and study here. Throughout the journey in RAW for almost 2 years, it is enough to feel once how RAW transforms or progresses. Both in terms of studio culture, workplace, job management to work product standards. I am grateful to be able to learn in every phase. I’m sure this change is a good thing, but sometimes it’s considered too fast because because not all lines can respond directly to it, it takes time to adapt. That way I think there needs to be proper control so that this change does not end in chaos, system flexibility seems to be needed to accommodate the course of change or transformation. But I don’t think it’s easy to make it, you need to be careful and consistent in sorting out which cores are fixed and which ones can change. This flexible system also needs to be refined at any time…” – Alim Hanafi

“I hope the ecosystem is more developed. And make the platform we develop become a trendsetter for Indonesia and the world”-Muhammad Farhan Nashrullah

“…I want to continue to gain more knowledge so that I can develop”- Farrel Ihsan Prahaditya

“Being part of the raw team is a matter of pride for which I am very grateful. Being on the Dream team with a supportive and positive environment provides its own motivation to continue to progress and develop in undergoing various processes in raw. Be happy and proud every time Raw gets various awards and keeps moving forward. I hope that raw will continue to be a humble and warm dream team like family…” – Andriyansyah Muhammad Ramadhan

“Congratulations to RAW Architecture and all the partners involved in the development journey of this firm. Successive achievements in Dezeen are certainly not by chance. I believe that every point has an important role, which has developed its potential very well by Rich and Yudith. Hopefully this firm can continue to play a role in the development of architecture and the built environment in Indonesia. Stay humble and work with accurate, inspiring, and aware. And especially the OMAH Library where I was educated, hopefully it will always be a place to stop and return for souls who are restless about themselves and the discourse of architecture in Indonesia… Thank you RAW and OMAH, what a great experience!”- Satria Permana Agung

“Congratulations to the awesome RAW studio for being able to enter the 2021 long listed dezeen awards, which is sure to get to this point I don’t think it’s easy, but Rich has imagined it beforehand, so that he continues to try to give the best for each of his works with sincerity and patience so that it produces something which is amazing, and don’t forget what is certain is the solid teamwork that is in it. The hope for the future is that this studio will be more successful and advanced again nationally and internationally, which can be known by everyone and all circles, with its architectural character starting from the use of materials, methods, and also the form of exploration. Even simple materials can make something cool…. Congratulations to RAW Studio. THE BEST OFFICE IN THE WORLD.”- Khafyd

Previously, the people’s comments are in Bahasa (Indonesian), I took time to translate this to English, and I showed Laurensia these comments and feel grateful about it. Some of them are conveying gratitude and evaluation to us. I hope this year of period in Pandemic brings a humbleness of attitude, honesty, the softness of making, and clarity on thinking. This totality of both is called praxis. As professional architects, we all have a primary task, praxis, and a more elaborated one to achieve the poetic side of work. It’s like thinking, doing, and pushing all of the effort to produce good work. All of us in the studio are being better, training others, and being trained by others. This brings good wishes for creating a better ecosystem of practice.
Hopefully, with the good wishes of the studio, the spirit can be maintained and realized. Things that should be improved can be improved. Rahayu needs to be practiced to become a good “bridge.”
The sound of steel welder is loud calling from outside, the craftsmen knocking. “Sir, what do you think about these joineries ?”
Suddenly, the sound of steel welder, Aep, is loud calling from outside, the craftsmen sending a text. “Sir, what do you think about these joineries? I just made things from the reused material.”
Thank you, people. Let’s get back to work. Best Office in The World.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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