Team - Designer Team - Tier 4

Putra Khairus Sidqi

Associate Designer

Affiliation Universitas Diponegoro

Associate Designer

Affiliation Universitas Diponegoro


“I’m very interested and excited to learn about building-user-environmental relationship issues, and I’m aware that this firm is dedicated in the locality on defining architecture in harmony.”


Dear Mr. Realrich Sjarief,

Following four years of college at Diponegoro University’s Architecture Department, two months of internship at RAW Architecture in 2020, and participation in numerous architectural competitions and activities, it is clear to me that architecture is not only about building, but also about the social life that surrounds it, which can provide reciprocal relationships. This thought inspired me to

apply for the position of associate architect at RAW Architecture, which is well-known for his locality- based design approach.

When you gave a public lecture at my college in 2018, I was a newcomer to architecture and your words inspired me. You emphasized that using local materials in buildings can provide a much stronger positive relationship with its surrounding environment, which includes social life. Then, in college, I learned about the impact of design failure on social life. For example, the Pruitt Igoe complex in St. Louis, Missouri. There is a mismatch between initial expectations and the reality of its social life impact. The building was then demolished, leaving behind so many of the social issues. This problem
was very intriguing and exciting to me, and it challenges me to improve my ability to solve similar problems in the future.

I am convinced that there is no better place for me to pursue my architectural ambitions than RAW Architecture. I consider it a vibrant experience to have the opportunity to learn more from one of
Indonesia’s best architecture firms that focuses on locality to define architecture. In “Wastu Citra”, Y.B. Mangunwijaya explained that the locality makes human values so meaningful as users of architectural
works. Contextually, locality will increase harmony between buildings, users, and the surrounding environment. As a result, the excellent atmosphere will improve, as will the quality of social life in the
surrounding area. So I believe that working at RAW Architecture will provide me with more insight, bringing me one step closer to my goal of becoming an architect who can help my surroundings live
better lives through my work.

A month ago, my team and I were on the judging panel for a competition, where we were a top five finalist with our conceptual design for a Transit Hub in Surabaya. One of our design concepts is to
spread the intervention regionally, allowing for more social activity to thrive with it. Our jurors, Mr. Andra Matin and Mr. Achmad Noerzaman, told us proudly that we’d created something special. They
stated that as architects, we must base our designs on contextual harmony so that they can provide social value in community culture over time. With this experience, as well as my practice as an intern here,

I am confident that I will be able to contribute to RAW Architecture’s growth as a restless spirit.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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