Team - Designer Team - Reflection Letter Team - Tier 4

Angel Gabriella Kusuma – Universitas Kristen Petra

Associate Designer

Affiliation Universitas Kristen Petra

Hello! I’m Angel, a fellow learner, and explorer who’s also currently studying architecture at Petra Christian University Surabaya. Was born and raised in Surabaya for 21 years. In my last year as an undergraduate student, I decided to do an internship program in RAW to expand my exploration, and get new experiences as well as new perspectives on architecture and life.

The 24th of November, 2021 is the day RAW offered me a chance to do the internship program which I had applied for 3 months before. I still remember the feeling of waiting and how excited I got when Kak Yudith contacted and offered me the internship program. To be honest, the journey to get to that day wasn’t easy, and I guess that’s what makes that day so special. Through this letter, I would like to express my gratitude to the RAW family, especially Kak Rich and Kak Yudith, for giving me a chance to learn, meet, and work with amazing people in RAW Studio.

These past 4 months, RAW hadn’t only become my workplace but also my home. To work in RAW, I had to leave Surabaya, the place where I grew up and live for 21 years. Surabaya was my comfort zone, but I am glad that I had decided to step out of it, even for only a few months. Within 4 months in RAW, I had learned and gained a lot of knowledge and experiences which gave me a whole new perspective on architecture, the world, and even life. I learned new things that can only be obtained through field experience. I learned that architecture, details, construction, craftsmanship, and communication are inseparable. But, the thing I am most grateful for is that I was never alone. Going through this big change and process of knowing architecture, myself, and life, I was lucky enough to experience it with the best people in the world:) RAW has taught me that architecture is also about being part of a community and family. I believe that creating amazing architecture, also takes amazing teamwork and community.

During my internship, every once in a while, Kak Rich brought up this question “what is our purpose in life?”. This got me thinking, “what do I want in life?”, “where am I heading to?”, “is architecture part of my purpose in life?”. I have been trying to find the answer to these questions, until this one moment. I remember when my mentor had to leave and continue her own journey outside RAW. Kak Rich had mentioned that she had “touched” everyone with her presence and her relationship with others. At that moment, I thought, how beautiful it is? If one is able to touch someone with their presence. That thought made me reflect on myself. I guess for now I decided that my purpose is to be able to touch people with everything that I do, whether through my works in architecture or even through my actions towards others. Therefore, I am also thankful to Kak Rich, for bringing up questions that we were all afraid to ask ourselves.

4 months had passed so quickly. For all the knowledge, experience, wisdom, laughter, and memories, I thank everyone. No words can’t describe how grateful I am to spend the last 4 months in this new home.
Thank You Kak Rich for being such a humble person and for creating a supportive environment in RAW,
Thank You everyone for welcoming me into RAW with a warm smile,
I hope to see you all again!

Best Regards,
Angel Gabriella Kusuma

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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