Team - Reflection Letter

Damas Dwinito Pradipta – Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

Hi there! My name is Damas Dwinito Pradipta, but you can call me Damas. Currently, I’m studying architecture at Institut Teknologi Bandung. By the time I write this letter, I’m in the 7th semester of my study. During the last semester break, I applied to many architectural firms to do an internship program. RAW is one of the firms I applied to. I chose RAW to be on my application list because I think that RAW could give me much knowledge and experience, especially about detail and technical things.

After a long wait, finally, RAW accepted my application and gave me a chance to be an intern there. Honestly, at first, I don’t feel that delighted being accepted here because it was my last internship option. But, over time, after doing an internship here, I take all my words back.
RAW fulfills all my expectations, even beyond. In Guha, how we usually called the office, I learned everything about architecture practice. Here, all the architects transfer all the knowledge sincerely. They thought me everything about architecture practice hand to hand. I learned how
to be good at designing, understanding details, and enhancing visualization skills. More importantly, They broaden my perspective on architecture. I realized architecture is not only about designing things to be aesthetic. It’s all about integrity between multi-discipline. A great architect is those who are not only good at designing, but as well as communicating, and collaborating with other.

At last, I would like to thank Kak Rich to allow me to be part of this wonderful team. Thank you for being such a humble and warm person. Thanks to all the seniors there for giving me a great mentorship experience. The intern there is, inadvertently, also lively and fun. I am so glad to have them as peers. For the past 2 months, for me, Guha is not my workplace. It is a place for nurturing. I feel grateful that RAW could be part of my professional journey. I wish you all the best things to happen in your life. I hope we could meet again someday!

Warm regards,
Damas Dwinito Pradipta

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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