Team - Reflection Letter

Irviananda Adenia – Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

Hello everyone! My name is Irviananda Adenia, but everyone calls me Nanda. I am a fourth year student from Universitas Pembangunan Jaya, Bintaro, South Tangerang. As an architecture student, I am always seeking opportunities and challenges that can improve myself more, so I tried to apply for an internship at Realrich Architecture Workshop for the past three months. I do believe that RAW Architecture can provide a supportive environment to experience what I have learned in college, and joining as an intern at RAW turned out beyond all my expectations.

I can say that the past 3 months, from 6th June – 26th August 2022, were totally an incredible moment in my life. The first time I entered Guha, the atmosphere was unreal. It feels like it gives me comfort, spirit, and warmth, but also clueless and full of fear inside mine. But, that feeling of confusion disappeared immediately when I met the whole RAW team who were very humble and welcomed me happily. In just a few seconds, I can already conclude that RAW studio is full of amazing and passionate people.

As an intern, I learned a lot about the architecture world, either focusing on design or building. All designers here transfer their knowledge and perspectives on almost everything, how to develop a building concept, expertise in operating software, solving a problem in many projects, coordinating and contributing with each other, making details for construction needs, and also a professional attitude as a worker. They also remind me that architecture is not only about buildings, but also about feelings, belief, passion, and the story behind it. Not only in the scope of architecture, but I also got to know various stories and experiences about life, work, college, and education, which makes me think more to take the next step to the important moments ahead.

Thank you, Kak Rich, not only for giving me the opportunity to process here but also for teaching me many things about the community that we need to know earlier. The stories behind his experience have made me think about the important steps I must take to continue my life and education, both inside and outside the world of architecture. Thank you to all designer team, Kak Timbul, Kak Pandu, Kak Alim, Kak Riyan, Kak Tyo, Kak Rico, Kak Haykal, Kak Putra, Teh Al, Kak Gaby, Kak Melisa, Kak Kirana, Kak Audy, Kak Vyan, Ci Mei, Kak Fina, Kak Sofi, and Kak Khafyd, for giving me an appreciation, affection, and wonderful mentorship experience. Thank you for always making me laugh and making me more grateful every day. My internship friends, Zyadi, Akmal, Ryan, Damas, Manuel, Devi, and Janice, it was really nice to know you guys. Thank you for being such great friends and helping me in almost everything in Guha. I also want to say thank you to Kakak-Kakah OMAH, Bibi, and other RAW teams, for being humble and friendly to me. Once again, my life as an intern at RAW was beyond all my expectations. With all the new project work, knowledge, people, experiences, laughter, and great memories, three months feels very short. Thank you, thank you. Hopefully, we can meet again in my other favorite chapter of life.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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