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Otten Coffee Experience published on ArchDaily

Otten Coffee Experience published on ArchDaily

There is good news from one of our projects, Otten Coffee Experience, Bandung is published on ArchDaily. Thank you to all of the people involved in RAW Architecture.

Otten Coffee Experience is located at Pasir Kaliki Street, Bandung, West Java. In the design process, we applied the concept of a Bandung locality which is similar to Gesamtkunstwerk, which means total work of art in German. We make local craftmanship a common thread by elaborating 6 materials to summarize the craftmanship experiments at the Realrich Architecture Workshop such as: brick, bamboo, gypsum, stone, concrete and steel. This results in a fresh artistic shape with repetition of exposed cement brick arches and natural lighting plus artistic lighting and design layout..

Here is the full coverage:

Otten Coffee Experience / Realrich Architecture Workshop | ArchDaily

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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