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Guha featured on Monocle Magazine Issue 160 | Feb 2023

Guha featured on Monocle Magazine

During the pandemic, the living room has always changed from a private space to a more communal space. It’s a space that we are passing by every day at Guha. It consists of a round window, landscape with retention, and water filtration system, and connection to the closest library, pantry, and more private space. This living room is the center of the site. That’s why when the editor of Monocle Magazine, Nic Monisse contacted us to feature this space in the magazine, we are super excited and super happy that finally we have seen the publication in our space. This living room at Guha was featured in “50 x sense of places” Monocle Magazine.

Thank you Monocle Magazine and editor Nic Monisse for writing about our Guha.

The article highlighted how flexible the space in the middle of our studio is. A form of adaptation and expression from a living room to a library of materials, where we meet clients, to a private study room, and all of this is done in just a 4×8 m area. We are hoping to extend and redefine this space to be more hybrid, practical, and adaptive to more positive transformation. It’s like believing that architecture is always transforming with time and functions.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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