Team - Reflection Letter

Qealyn Diamanta Adikusuma – Universitas Gadjah Mada

Reflection Letter:

I’m not good with words, but to say I’m grateful for my first internship at RAW Architecture is an understatement. Haloooo, semuanya! My name is Qealyn, and I’m currently in my fifth semester studying at UGM.

First and foremost, I want to give my deepest gratitude to Kak Realrich and Kak Yudith for providing me the opportunity to work at RAW Architecture. Also, thank you to everyone in this office family for welcoming me and making every day here so special. These past two months have been, just like the Coldplay lyrics, an adventure of a lifetime!

Even just listening to Kak Realrich talk about mundane office things taught me a lot. Every week, I look forward to attending the weekly Monday meetings, hearing lessons he evaluated from the past week and stories regarding ongoing projects. His philosophies about the beauty of architecture, ambition to achieve the best possible results, ways to communicate inside and outside the office, inspired me greatly to deepen my knowledge in architecture. I realized from Kak Realrich that in architecture, it is very important to build trust (from clients, working partners, and, of course, the office itself) than to just deliver wonderful works. Maintaining it would be difficult, but the end outcome would be long-term.

From the kakak-kakaks in both Design and Build, I learned that being in RAW Architecture is like going back to school. Every day, you learn something new (sudah kayak 10 sks setiap hari). From the beginning, I knew that with my liiiiiiiiitle experience in architecture, there would be tons of things that I have to catch up on. But oh my, on my first days here in the office, turns out I know waaaaaay less than I thought! It was a massive slap in the face; there is so much to learn in such a short period of time. At first, I was afraid I could not keep up with everything. Fortunately, everyone in RAW are all willing to help. They will gladly correct even my minor errors and answer the most simple and ridiculous questions with open arms and ears. I could never imagine that I could learn this many theoretical and practical knowledge from the coolest people in such a short time.

Terima kasih, terima kasih, terima kasih. To Kak Riyan as the PIC for the interns, Kak Mel, Kak Vyan, and Kak Angel who accompanied me in my first month here, it was memorable screaming songs at Benteng with you guys! To Kak Haykal, Kak Evan, Kak Alim, Teh Al, Kak Mei, thank you for guiding me throughout my second month “di atas”, and of course to everyone, the good conversations and laughter over snacks and meals will be treasured in my heart. To the kakak-kakak at Omah Library too for having me around and letting me in ehehe. Finally, to all of my fellow interns, Reva, Rio, Nada, Seva, Ippi, Jessica, Uung, Inggrid, Rifa, Heru, hope to see you again, see you guys on top!

Motivation Letter:

Dear HR of RAW Architecture, 

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Qealyn Diamanta Adikusuma. I am currently

studying the field of architecture in Universitas Gadjah Mada, now in my fourth semester. I

have been exposed to RAW Architecture’s amazing works, and I intend to apply for an internship as I wanted to learn more about architectural problem-solving during this semester break. 

Even though my time studying architecture hasn’t been long, I knew from the start that a

part of me sparked every time there was a discussion about problem-solving in an architectural approach. The way that RAW has buildings focused on poetic design drives me more into my studies. Topics about combining modern natural materials, the beauty of tectonics, and the experience of space itself have fascinated me. Currently, my current goal is to increase my understanding in those fields and deepen a more thorough knowledge through internships. 

As an architecture student myself, I love to start projects by starting with the “Why” and the “How”, and ending with the “What” as a solution. Concept exploration that comes after analysis is something I am passionate about. This leads me into working in an organized and systematic manner, creating a designed framework. In working, I also love to contribute to group work and community projects, as I naturally like to step in for leadership roles.

I highly believe that by joining the internship program, I will be able to study more in-depth about how RAW design and solve problems. Moreover, I am confident that this internship is essential to help me develop as an architecture student, it will give me more insight into the architecture field. This is an opportunity I would not pass up on. 


Qealyn Diamanta Adikusuma

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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