Gotong Royong City

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10 April 2009   


 This scheme used city beautiful model, axial avenue, and civic grandeur as principal. I was interested on pedestrian pocket and Howard Ebenezer’s garden city idea to generate new replicable model for Indonesia’s cities. I believe that new generic solution should be invented for Indonesia sub urban area. I named it Agriculture Neighborhood to respect the Agriculture as genuine heart of Indonesia.

Agriculture neighborhood is defined as original model, well developed, mixed use based on context, agriculture on its heart. It is within an area within a quarter mile and walkable distance. It consists of housing, offices, retail, school, library, daycare, recreation, parks with station in 5 minutes walking distance and accommodates the car as well as transit. Car parking can be used for all housing and other functions. The housing types are standard low rise 4 levels with higher density and 2 level of town houses. In here, local inhabitant will be able to cultivate land, using crops to sustain the area as a part of one big city [Tangerang].


All of the houses are in the walking distance as one neighbourhood without gated community and solving security problem by maintaining sense of belonging and creating defensible space in the area.

The importance of agriculture neighbourhood is that it provides balanced live, growth in jobs, housing, and creating opportunities for using train as public transportation. Surely it will produce better environment towards sustainable cities.

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this view look at the opportunities that can be developed in peri-urban area and shows public transport as one important solution on solving commuting problem, agriculture as the heart of neighbourhood, pedestrian walk in 5 minutes walking distance.

I showed this scheme to my professor in New South Wales University, Jon Lang. this is his comment, “Agriculture is one of the interesting part of this scheme, it’s not so dramatic but it is powerful, it was great exercise of you. By more doing design you’ll get more experience and confident in Urban Design, Congratulation Rich.


Team member : Tika Novis

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

2 replies on “Gotong Royong City”

keren baget kak Konsepnya.. dari image sket nya langsung kebayang suasanya yang tercipta dari tipologi kota ini.. selalu menginspirasi nih.. salam! :D

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