Rectangle in Rumah Petak

Yesterday was the last day for Jovita. I was thinking that RAW is like mutant school in X men, their character just unique by person. Having her graduation was like to let go the beast, one character in marvel full of blue Furs for the ordinary people out there. Some people said she is the phoenix that in fact that her face is rectangle, stiff, her heart shows warmth. All of the people around me, they are doing huge favour for me. I feel so blessed, and being thankful.

I started RAW practice, which I always think off like a mutant school or “Rumah Petak”, in such small room, 3 x 3 meter, it used to be guest bedroom, I spent times sleeping in that room with my grandmother when she need accompany. The room is nice, it faced north side, it was bright for the whole day. It’s located at my parent house. The 3 x 3 m then extended to the garage, space which is 3 x 10 m , a long narrow space, and then mezzanine located on top of it with further exercise of most efficient space, most appropriate lighting, and most reasonable material in this tiny space. The numbers got increased, many young people joined the studio. Today it consists of 20 people including myself. The place was scattered, disorder, full of paradox in its neat reasonable planning. It shows paradox, challenging its status quo time by time.

The table was flipped standing on top of ceiling, the quote of einstein was carved in the entrance saying “ if your ide is not absurd enough there is no hope for it.” Sometimes I try to challenge each project to its limit, by our hard work, deep observation, and numbers of experimentation. I always believe in fresh ideas, fresh meat from our mind.

Is the architecture has singularity effort ? I don’t believe idea that is architecture is a one person’s holistic work, but It could start with one ideas, and the idea got refined, as a part of creative pregnancy. There is no singularity in terms of creating product of architecture. I found out three way of thinking about architecture studio, first that studio should be a container of ideas, place where the experiment should be brought forward, the premise should be challenged. Second, that studio should be a school of design where young restless spirits learn their best, third, that the studio should be place where countless effort noted, re-exercised, praised with no fear. The third process is about the beginning, the transition, and the conclusion of the process re – search, the things that is un-solitary. The process consists of patron, fellow friends, fellow colleagues, assistants, technical , engineers, builders, and future people.

So Jovita, keep fighting. We are all fighting, keep connected. I am supporting you, spread your wings !



Journey To the East – Awakening the Roots

Today is friday night,  I was thinking about the next lecture on omah series, in collaboration with UPH Architecture and Konteks. This is about the first phase of mastery by greene, it’s deep observation.

Le Corbusier wrote book titled Journey to the East as travel diary that the twenty-four-year-old Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier) kept during his formative journey through Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe in 1911. It’s about his experience in contact with vernacular architecture, the mosque complexes, the Acropolis, and the Parthenon.

Le Corbusier’s story is very much a story of awakening and a voyage of discoveries, recording a seven-month journey that took him from Berlin through Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul, Athos, Athens, Naples, and Rome, among other places. Le Corbusier considered this journey the most significant of his life. Hearing the lecturer in this short course, is like having a pilgrimage trip from best teachers and professors in this course. I never been to Corbusier’s work, but reading this, I would love to observer some of his works.

This deep observation phase was well known phase for architects, like Antonie Predock, Frank Gehry, carlo scarpa, or even Tadao Ando. To be a master, period of deep observation is the critical point. As Bernard Schumi said in Virilio’s book Landscape as events, there will be person who will be need to share his understanding, wisdom, bringing map so every matters will be shiny in crystal clear for especially to understand the wisdom of the east, very heart of Indonesian specialities. This is the position of the lecturer who will present journey to the east short course.

The process of deep observation is divided to 5 topics , Education, Traditional – Contemporary Architecture, Sustainable design in tropical climate, and materiality in indonesian context – awakening the modern craftmanship. The course is set by  5 considerations on how we learn the forming of education of an architect, understanding our traditional wisdom, reflecting on our current contemporary issues, innovating through sustainable architecture, and the last mastering the architecture and the technology and science of material in form making. 

There are 5 – friends, thinkers, and professors that will be the presenter, person who will deliver the thoughts about journey to the east. David Hutama, Setia Sopandi, Avianti Armand, Tiyok Prasetyoadi and Adi Purnomo. David is one of the best to explain the condition of education of architects in indonesia, he is the one who proposed Pak Cung, one architect, historian, lecturer, currator of several exhibition and Bu Vivi, writer, architect, lecturer. Pak Tiyok, co founder GBCI, architect, and community leader and Pak Mamo, writer, architect, and lecturer to join the board. They are very busy people, I am glad they will to help this short course for the restless spirit.

I remember quote from Erich Fromm which fills me full of curiosity in this deep observation phase

“Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be…Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 12.42.19 AM

[1] https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/journey-east
[2] Greene, Robert. Mastery


Growing Mind – Awaking the Third Drive

There are two types of mindset, fixed mindset, and growth mindset. people with a fixed mindset believe that you are stuck with however much intelligence you’re born with. They would agree with this statement: “If you have to work hard, you don’t have ability. If you have ability, things come naturally to you.” When they fail, these kids feel trapped. They start thinking they must not be as talented or smart as everyone’s been telling them. They avoid challenges, fearful that they won’t look smart.

people with a growth mindset believe that intelligence can be cultivated: the more learning you do, the smarter you become. These kids understand that even geniuses must work hard. When they suffer a setback, they believe they can improve by putting in more time and effort. They value learning over looking smart. They persevere through difficult tasks.

I had talk with Rio, he wanted to open coffee store, he, his girlfriend, like coffee so much. I knew they had business before, Terminal Kopi, and they still have a dream to enjoy their passion in coffee making. Even he tried to explain to me how to make good coffee in several steps. how different little steps to stir coffee will make much difference on the taste, Hearing him, it’s like hearing somebody in joy, I just wonder how he wanted to grow bit by bit considering his young age. He had this growth mindset while some people are just afraid of challenges, fear of the future.

Growth is what the people with the second mindset, growth mindset believe in. It’s what we are in the architecture trying to learn by putting time and effort. Off course the ability will be challenged.

This mindset was well explained by Daniel H. Pink in his book Drive. He introduced three drives in human behaviour, first drive is, the basic drive to survive, to overcome, hunger, drank to quench their thirst. Second drive is, the punishment and reward drive, it’s basically drives from external environment for example like if you raise our pay we would work harder. The third drive, is the learning and explore drives. Human beings seek out novelty and challenges, to explore and to learn. The third drive was more fragile than the other two, it needed the right environment to survive.

Deci wrote in Pink’s book, when money is used as an external reward for some activity, the subjects lose intrinsic interest for the activity, rewards can deliver a short term boost, like caffeine, when the effect wears off, it can reduce a person’s longer term motivation to continue the project. Pink showed example of the closing of the paid Encarta encyclopedia by Microsoft and triumph of wikipedia, open source encyclopedia. The Third drive, is about to push ourself in learning and exploration state, awaking the our creative side.

I remember rio as my self in the beginning of something new, I remember about spirit of cooking by Jakusho Kwong. He stated,

“there is a spirit that we should not lose, an whether we’re just making things up as we go along or someone is right there showing us the way, that spirit holds something important for us in our everyday life.”

Go Rio Go  ! :)  Let’s support him

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.55.33 PM

[1]Tracy Cutchlow, Why Some Kids Try Harder and Some Kids Give Up, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tracy-cutchlow/why-some-kids-try-harder-and-some-kids-give-up_b_5826816.html
[2] Pink, Daniel. Drive the surprising truth about what motivates us
[3] Kwong, JAkusho. No Beginning, no End, the intimate heart of Zen.


If my time is up

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.52.33 PMWiwid’s father just passed away. I deeply sad for her loss. I called her, and heard her story, I know it’s not easy for her having loss in such period, a month, for losing his father. She even said that her father suddenly lost his memory. I hope she is going to be okay, our little Cherry is together in heaven with her father.

Emmy is  going to have her marriage on 7th next month. She is going to have marriage with her boyfriend, Ganesha. Looking at their time, I have not known their relationship, but I’m happy again to reconnect with her, and getting know her update, what she is doing, and they are doing great !

Our baby will be delivered at the beginning of next month. We are so happy to wait for the little one. My group friends from uni had competitions for our baby name, some of the options were very nice, and very fun. There were normal names like Aldrich, Goodrich, Richie, Salimrich, Richheart biscuit name : rich cheese,  even crazier  No Rich no Party.  How can I not smile to see all of the options.

This is alpha for us, there were omega for other people. there was omega for us and even there were alpha for others.

There is alpha, the beginning, and there will be omega, the ending. Laurensia asked today , what do you like, real flower of just fake flower who will last longer, always blooming ?

I like real flower, orchid. In this life, I don’t believe on eternal object. I believe on moment, the most beautiful part of orchid is when it’s blooming. Moment with whom we spent time together. I believe this life has a beginning and an end. I cherish all of the moment with sad and happiness, get close to each other. Everybody is fighting hard in this universe, everybody deserve to be happy.  It’s just the way it is if my time is up, I hope I could share it much to the people.




How much is your time weigh Mr. …

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.01.14 AMThese few days, I had been stayed late, slept for such little hours. I was determined to push the design to find its perfection, one to another projects. Big to small, those are still same. My eyes were hurt, I felt bitter, if there was mirror I would looked pale. I was very tired.

Instead of having an idea about writing the building, I remember one movie titled how much is your building weigh Mr. Foster. The movie is about showcase of norman foster’s building. I put this movie in appreciation, even though there was critics in New York Times from A. O. Scott about this movie that it should explained more analysis and argument, is more than a little disappointing. I just want to appreciate, efforts of Norman and his friends, creating such humble, amazing, honest pieces by pieces architecture, which demonstrate mastery in Architecture. The effort to create piece of architecture is huge, from the beginning, until completion. I want to appreciate his time.

The movie showed 3 ideas of how I really appreciate Norman Foster and His firm, first that his firm, started by dot, beginning of his smaller, more simple work and drove the opportunity of getting more complex projects which needed bigger team. Second, this movie is just to appreciate for Norman’s and Associate’s time, which considerably high, consuming their life. Third, we can see his time, dedicated to his family and respect his health, Norman, at that time he was 76 years old, participating in a cross-country race through some very beautiful snow and also spending time at home with his young son. Like me, like other architects, what we are willing to get is just appreciation for all of our time, beginning with dot, spending time with all of the team who will collaborate, and spending time with our family.

I can conclude all of this experience in also three points, Yesterday, I was at drop off in Sampoerna Strategic Square, I  finished 2 presentations for RAW projects at east Indonesia, well it is still confidential, I will share it when the time is ready, including all of the people involve inside it, with one of long lasting relationship friend. All of these started by dot,relationship like the first point.

For the second point, It will be the Heart of the East with all of the team onboard. We really pushed the design into more than 110 slides, each slide shows deep thinking about the project, accentuation about its soul on 4 design exercises : form finding, detail design, value engineering, and appreciating, getting feedback from all of the owner side : Leader, shares, the team of clients. All of the people need to be appreciated. Me and the team have been spending 2 weeks working non stop on this projects, consuming in total (10 hours x 2 weeks x 5 days x 2 designers (200 hours) + 10 hours x 3 days x 2 associates (60 hours) + 10 hours x 3 days x 4 designers (120 hours)) * 20 percent of plus for other supports from projects which usually we spend more than this. That was 456 hours, I haven’t calculated my time in this project, so I think it will be like 40 hours, so lets sum it all from principal to designer level to 500 hours . We also need to sum up, the time that was consumed in formulating brief, consulting with clients, and the time was spend in client’s side, usually it will take 30 percent from the total project, but I will just leave it empty. If Gladwell stated, 10000 hours is one of the factor to be succeed. I could just smile in second to appreciate all of these process.

I just smile looking on our effort, I think that the movie title should sounded better, at least I would say, how much your time weigh Mr.Foster.

In architecture, for all of the learning, we have to dedicate our time to learn so much knowledge in all of the level consists of art, history, culture and science from theory, and the practical, about building mastery. I remember one poem gave by my friend, Liza Susanto, she came with her husband Adi Indra during opening at OMAH titled The Strange Library.

Strange Library

Knowledge, could it just be a spice to make our brains tastier?
We’re curious. We learn.
We become hungry for knowledge as if we’ve been starving for centuries.
Thus, we cram, we swallow and try to devour everything we could into our heads.

However, time chases us like a hunter after prey.
After all, knowledge doesn’t come to us effortlessly.
We risk the danger of being demolished with time and carefully learn all that there is to learn and remember.

At last, are we able to feast, risk it all and retreat without being fed on by time instead?

I added at the end,

Risk the weigh of time that is what we commonly do.
We risk the weigh of time for that appreciation
Risking the weigh of time for our passion.
Our passion, the weigh of time burning from our heart
Our love, the weigh of time serve people.

Soon I realise at the end, before, Pak Misnu, picking me at the drop off. I realise it’s about time to go back to my family, it’s the third point from what Foster did. I can smile now, and not feeling tired.

Have a great weekend guys. let’s run ! away ! :)


[3]http://gladwell.com/outliers/ [look as his book, outliers]


Partnership means Family

Business-Partners2What does partnership means ? From Merriam Webster dictionary stated that partnership is the state of being partners or a relationship between partners or a business that is owned by partners. Even further this definition is elaborated in IRS website. It stated the relationship existing between two or more persons who join to carry on a trade or business. Each person contributes money, property, labor or skill, and expects to share in the profits and losses of the business. [2] or from Wikipedia A partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. The partners in a partnership may be individuals, businesses, interest-based organizations, schools, governments or combinations organizations may partner together to increase the likelihood of each achieving their mission and to amplify their reach. [3]

What is business means ? from Merriam Webster, the definition is the activity of making, buying, or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money or work that is part of a job or the amount of activity that is done by a store, company, factory, etc.

During this end year crisis, what I say is, it’s not a crisis of money, but crisis of positive mentality. I think that right now, the regulation is getting more organised, There are certainty, orders. It’s one of the good factor in creating great nation. Many people complained about the crisis, Indonesia is such a depressing society. Glenn Hajadi, tutor friend from high street studio once said to me that the situation is now more challenging. 3 things is my mind, hearing him that we have to work harder than before, we have to be more critical with whatever resource that we have, and last one, we have to be free from fear. But other than that, life is just so beautiful to be experience, not by fear, but by joy.

Go travel, as far as you can, go thinking , and wander as unique as you can, experience your life by yourself, there unique path for you. I met Pak Bambang Purwanto, one fotographer, and collaborator in Home Diary Magazine. He told me story about his family and his son, and his experience in taking photographs, and suddenly I remember about Strange Details  by Michael Caldwell and we discuss about the character of the architects whom he remembered during his photograph session. I was fortunate to hear his story and support about OMAH. It’s like hearing from patron or clients and colleagues who have been supporting what I have been doing. The feel is precious, because I feel being trusted. It’s everything, being like a family. It’s feel as great as having trust from the associates and the designers in the studio.

I have been friend with Scott, for few years, since I was in DP Architects, we were in the same page, of push pull bar. I feel that it was such in serendipity that he was in WATG (Wimberly Whisenand Allison Tong & Goo) for hospitality projects, and I found RAW few years back. I trusted him as the partner of RAW International since few months back because of 3 reasons. First, that my capacity on running project has limitation, so I have to be very honest about my time. Architecture is a long time process, and prove it is more challenging when we have to get the direction, budget, coordination, it’s all about team work. Second, Scott has strong capability on understanding about building, knowing how it will work in terms of integration between space, form, facade, structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. RAW international hopefully running well [finger crossed], with some of overseas projects, we are getting there, the project is being exercised over and over. Third, we have been friends for years, still keep in touch, the relationship is personal, I treated him as like my family, let’s growing bit by bit this time.

The partnership should amplify what I have been doing in the firm. I need time with my family as well. He said it to Yudith, he would like to help me so we can have more time with our family.How can I not agree with him. trust is partnership. Deep down,  is the feel like you have family. So What do you think ?

Scotts lecture8



Students and The Spirit of the Young


I remember Denise Tjokrosaputro asked about originality in Indonesian Architecture, she shared her concern about copy and paste culture in our architecture, or what we can assume, lack of originality, her question drove further about the education of architecture, how we did teach the students to have their originality. It was fresh question about 2 things, the process of established architect practice and  process of the becoming  an architect.

In my subtle moment, when I rethinking all of the complexity in what is happening. I just believe the 2 things, first, it is the paradigm that we are having is the culture of fear. second, we need to honestly know about the development of mastering art of architecture.

I will try to describe the second one, because it’s easier. It’s straight forward, Greene agreed with me stated there are three stage to process mastery, first , deep observation – the passive mode, second the skills acquisition – the practice mode, third, the experimentation – the active mode. These three stages are full cycle of iteration for mastering architecture. The first and the second phase are a phase of wanderer, having apprenticeship, culminations of learning curve by previous mentors. and The third phase is the phase of actualisation. This is common when we can read in outliers that we have to acquire 10000 hours of practice, trial and error for mastering skills. Da Vinci once wrote, “one can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself” , how can I not agree with him.

The first one, is not so easy to explained, explaining about paradigm is not easy because it consists of economy, politics, philosophy, culture. It combines the past, looking at the breakdown, and try to understand this complex situation. But in short way, Our situation could be described by tagore’s poem, it happens in India almost 100 years ago, the poem of Tagore titled where the mind is without fear. here it is:

“Where the mind is without fear
and the head is held high,
where knowledge is free.
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls.
Where words come out from the depth of truth,
where tireless striving stretches its arms toward perfection.
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost it’s way
into the dreary desert sand of dead habit.
Where the mind is led forward by thee
into ever widening thought and action.
In to that heaven of freedom, my father,
Let my country awake.”

There were so many times, students were asking approvals of their design, they were asking for motivations, they were asking for respects, and later they could accept our guidance because they felt appreciated, nurtured, honoured. Students, they like young flowers, which is ready to bloom, which is beautiful, which show promising about the future. I always said to students that I teach for. They shouldn’t worry about mark, The should keep their inner voice high. Gandhi has proved it this poem could awake his disciples. But in here fundamentality i want to ask, are we in the culture of fear ? I would like to invert Tagore’s poem,

“Where the mind is with fear
are our mind is in fear ?
and the head is helf low ?
where knowledge is not free ?
where the world has been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls. ?
where words is not come out from the depth of truth, ?
where tireless striving stretches its arms toward neglection ?
where the clear stream of reason has lost it’s way ?
into the dreary desert sand of dead habit.
where the mind is not led forward by thee
into ever widening thought and action.
In to that hell of freedom, my father,
Let my country …. ?“

The question is in our mind, and the answer is in our mind. It will refresh the society, I will ask for just little imperfection, for just appreciating all of the young spirits, the perfection in imperfection. Are we in the culture of fear ? Am I in the culture of fear. I do hope the mind is without fear every day, every action, every words because I am one of the students as well.

award publication

Rumah Jawa in Griya Asri Oktober 2015

from Sylvania Hutagalung
Rumah di Pangkalan Jati ini adalah karya rumah pertama, oleh Rich, yang pernah saya tulis. Perjalanan penulisannya pun sangat berkesan. Tuan rumah, Mba Nina dan Ibu Atiek sangat hangat dan banyak membantu pemotretan kala itu.
Judul ‘sumarah’ itu saya dapatkan karena terkesima dengan ide dibalik desain rumahnya, begitupun dengan keseharian keluarga Subiyanto yang kami lihat. Saya bahkan membaca 1 buku berjudul ‘Sumarah’ yang direkomendasikan oleh Rich untuk mendalami arti sumarah.
Ketika rumah ini menjadi sampul ASRI Oktober 2015, saya sangat senang sekali. Semakin senang karena ternyata sampul ini juga meraih penghargaan Bronze Winner dalam kompetisi Indonesia Print Media Awards (IPMA) untuk kategori The Best Of Special Interest Local Magazine IPMA 2016.
Foto sampul karya Akhkamul Hakim

Majalah Griya Asri berhasil memenangkan kembali penghargaan Bronze Winner dalam kompetisi Indonesia Print Media Awards (IPMA) 2016 yang diselenggarakan oleh Serikat Perusahaan Pers (SPS). Penghargaan tersebut diberikan untuk sampul Majalah Griya Asri Edisi Oktober 2015 dalam kategori The Best Of Special Interest Local Magazine IPMA 2016. Sementara tahun sebelumnya Asri memenangkan Silverinner dalam kompetisi yang sama untuk sampul edisi Desember 2014.

IPMA merupakan kompetisi sampul muka (cover) tahunan untuk media cetak nasional (majalah, tabloid, surat kabar harian) yang diselenggarakan sejak tahun 2010. Tahun ini merupakan kali yang ketujuh dan digelar dengan empat kategori juara, yaitu kategori surat kabar, majalah lokal, tabloid, dan majalah lisensi. Selain IPMA, ada pula kompetisi untuk rubrik anak muda di surat kabar (Indonesia Young Readers Awards/IYRA), majalah internal (Indonesia Inhouse Magazine Awards/InMA), serta pers mahasiswa (Indonesia Student print Media Awards/ISPRIMA).

Malam penghargaan sendiri diadakan pada 9 Februari lalu bertempat di Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat. Sementara pendaftaran dibukan sejak 6 November 2015 hingga 15 Januari 2016. Tahun ini terdapat 885 entri, dengan rincian IPMA sebanyak 503, InMA sejumlah 180 entri, IYRA dengan 144 entri, dan 58 untuk ISPRIMA.

Untuk kompetisi IPMA, dewan juri yang terdiri dari Gunawan Alif (Aspek Komunikasi Massa), Ndang Sutisna (Aspek Ide Kreatif), Arief Prabowo (Aspek Marketing/Pengiklan), Oscar Motulloh (Aspek Fotografi), dan Janoe Arijanto (Aspek Branding), menilai sampul muka dengan berbagai faktor. Faktor tersebut di antaranya, penggunaan warna, nilai seni, penempatan teks, tulisan, pemilihan huruf, kejelasan teks, berita utama, dan dampaknya bagi pembaca.

Foto: Tri Rizeki Darusman


Unconditional Love

Culture, which we have seen in our daily life sometimes is just taken with no granted. everybody should accept it, more people said that we have to remember our culture to avoid faceless community, one community without any culture. That is arguably true but sometimes we forget behind culture, there should be love that becomes signifier of what we’re doing. We’ve got so many problems in our life. Problems of relationship, your career, your dream.

I believe in one truth, which is …. give the unconditional love to everybody. The world is going to be more wonderful place and beautiful place for all of us.

these are really beautiful clips. See those and what do you think ?


Trust in Relations

Few relations coming and taught new ways of facing society. We are holding what trust between us in a matter of great work. Trust that we will do always the best work that we ever had, trust that we will respect everybody in the team, every effort. In the way of architecture firm grew even bigger there are 2 terms which are important, one is IDEAS, another is Trust. There are various way of looking through at how we as human develops trust.

First, in terms of generating in IDEAS in the architecture firm, not the personal myself, what my concern is the development of the restless spirit, my little brothers and sisters. Steve Jobs in the companies he ran, he ought to have the design its headquarters to promote interaction across of the company; the space is connected to the central atrium which also contained cafe and mailboxes. in IDEO for example the limit the role of the hierarchy in brainstorming session, in the brainstorming there are no titles, only ideas, It developed team’s ability to be collectively intelligent. Intelligent groups. It based on the diversity of opinions. When it comes to architecture, some of the general ideas could be executed quite easily which in the design development stage, the thought needs to be crystal clear into more thoughtful exercised in terms of build-ability. When it comes into build-ability, IDEO knows then to have more versus less hierarchy and as the result, it wins again and again and again. It’s about workshop between teams of designers, clients, to the inner side of ourself.

Second, Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer described that trust is essential for almost every social relationship : a happy marriage, a supportive friendship, and a successful organisation. If we cannot trust our spouses, our friends  and our business partners, our relationships break down. in fact, almost every transaction we engage in requires some level of trust. When trust in high, these relationships are collaborative and frictionless. Trust , in so many ways , is a key social lubricant.  When trust is low, on the other hand, there is friction in every interaction. we are consumed with minimising the risk of being exploited. And as a result, we become competitive, even combative. It’s tough to be a good friend or an effective foe when we’re constantly suspicious and fear exploitation.

This isn’t just true for individuals; countries and societies also cannot achieve the level of cooperation they need to success in the global economy without trust. Indeed economist have linked the economic prosperity of countries to the levels of trust within societies with high levels of trust, economies thrive. But where trust is low, growth is stunted.[1]

Conventional wisdom tells us two things about trust. First, that trust is slow to develop. Second, that once broken, trust, like a vase is almost impossible to repair. They had conclusion in a simple way to restore trust is about getting a way to say I’m sorry in a honest way.

That is the basic way to develop IDEAS and TRUST in institution of man. What do you think ?

[1] Galinsky. A, Schweitzer. M, Friend and Foe, Crown business : New York, 2015, pp139

Landscape as Events

Angelus Novus, Paul Klee, source from : http://www.fucinemute.it/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/alfbenj-2.jpg
Angelus Novus, Paul Klee, source from : http://www.fucinemute.it/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/alfbenj-2.jpg

“Walter Benjamin once wrote, “A Klee painting named ‘Angelus Novus’ shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away from something he is fixedly contemplating. His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how one pictures the angel of history. His face is turned towards the past. Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees a single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage upon wreckage and hurls it at his feet.” [1]

Today this theological vision no longer belongs to the angel of history. It has become the vision of each and every one of us” Tschumi argued in his foreword of Paul Virilio’s book titled Landscape of Events. The idea of this book shows a chain of events which resembles our culture, the fear of the future has been outstripped by fear of the past. He even accentuated, the recession of the history entails the retreat of knowledge, the retirement of progress. everything vanishes, Ethical and political ideals, the durability of societies. The book consists of ideas which are accidents, sadness, harsh truth, showing facts that shape our history.

There is a way of survive from Bernard Tschumi’s clairvoyant of Virilio’s A Landscape of Events, by looking at our spiritual self, cultivating whats good in our body and mind mastery, to spread our skill of shaping greater built environment. I believe architecture is powerful enough to change the events to the future its natural state of humanity which every people deserve to living peacefully.

About the past 

Talking further about Virilio’s Landscape of Events. Bernard Schumi argued that the time is running fast, and the culture which learn from failure, having the antidote. What happens now is when the breakdown is even faster than before, we don’t have time to learn from our failure, and the guardian of time, Angelus Novus, losing his position, as historian losing their position. In this time we just have to depend on ourself to critise every situation best on every moments, it’s about welcoming the era of moment of accidents. In one history what I can say about comes about one thoughts.
“apa gunanya sejarah
apabila …
kita tidak bisa memanfaatkannya, …

apabila …
tidak ada pelajaran yang bisa dipetik darinya, …

mungkin kita tidak ada
tetapi bisa dipakai
untuk generasi yang akan datang
yang lebih pintar

untuk bisa memanfaatkan
apa yang kita tidak bisa tangkap

dari sejarah itu sendiri …
dari prasasti itu sendiri …
dari …

tumpukan bata yang hidup …

dari daun yang lembut …

dan bata yang keras …

[1] Virilio, Paul, and Julie Rose. A Landscape Of Events. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2000. Print.pp xii


Commencement, a new beginning

Anis, my little sister just sent us post card,
she said
“Dear Pak Rich , Kak Yudith, and All the Restless spirits of RAW and OMAH
Thank you for the support you all always give to me now that i’m here in London. The guy in this photo is singin Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris. Although the song was not exactly related to our never ending relationsup. It reminded me of you when the guy sand…, “ You’re the closes to heaven that I’ll ever be…” (yooo ! Gomballl … !! hahaha) But seriously, I deeply thank you all. 
Bottom line : Pardon my handmade postcard. Please wish me luc for the 28th as the school starts. Hope you all are having fun as always !  the warmest regards, 
Anis :) “
I am happy for her and waiting for her to come back to Indonesia.
Another restless spirit, Rizka Drastiani just also said good bye to us when she visited and attended lecture from David Hutama at Omah. She posted few pictures at her album. she also said that she wanted to improve the education knowledge in the university in Palembang.
Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.47.32 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.48.27 PM
As what we could draw from these moments, the term “commencement.” helps us understand that typically, when we hear the word commencement we think of an event that signifies and ending, like a graduation ceremony from high school or college. Bu really this term means to start, it’s about the new beginning. Guys, man and woman of the past, have a great journey to the future, see you, I’m going to miss you guys.

Sumarah Concept is being published on Griya Asri Indonesia



Terracing Landscape House

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.35.06 AM
The series of landscape combining 3 wooden wrapped massing faces north to south in-sequence with micro landscape. #rawarchitecture  ‘each nation, in short, has its own way of building, according to the materials afforded and the habits of the country.’ Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, Book II, Chapter 1,

Robert Holden and Jamie Liversedge discussed the importance of using local materials as a way to achieve sustainable design.
They discussed that each city traditionally tended to have its own set of paving materials. In London, granite setts and kerbs were the standard nineteenth- century street paving made by Yorkstone (a sand stone). Amsterdam is still a city of narrow brick paviors…. This bioclimatic house constituted parts of understanding the basic of architecture beginning with some issues to create piece of architecture in first part is as issue on fundamental, water management, reduce reuse and recycle. It’s all about Sustainability, and issues on attitude on materials. Second part is the general principle which highlights the properties of raw materials, and clearvuoyant structure and reasonable mechanics. Third part is building material which introduces the materials used in building, stone concrete , brick, metals, timber, glass, plastics and some non convention materials old and new.Fourth part is the elements looks at built element ranging from earth works and top soil, retaining structures, walls, paving and water bodies which covers 60 percent of the site. Fifth part is, assembly which decribes the assembly of built component : corridor , spacious living room, reasonable room size, service core, and view to the landscape.