Dili East Timor, Facing obstacle in our life.


My wife is always sad when the time I will fly abroad. This time i will go to Dili, East Timor to assist Yoga and Faela of Institute of Transportation and Development Policy. A NGO organisation which is based in New York. I have been working together with them for 5 years now since introduced by Dani, friend from Planology in the past pedestrian project.

Laurensia has helped me to organise the office so far, she juggled in the complexity of the firm while I formed the associates to help me to do better design for the clients. I knew she was sad day ago because I will leave the family for several day.

Miraclerich has grown up into decent toddler, Laurensia taught him well.



We try to teach miracle value of respecting other, and knowing the consequence of his actions. It’s quite hard, I would prefer to do design actually. Last time, he felt down while he ran, in our heart we want to lift him, but instead doing that, we let him to stand by himself. Miracle cried loudly. In middle of the night, Miracle will wake up and cried asking to be moved in our bed. Laurensia was affraid if Miracle will fall down from our bed because our bed does not have any fence. His bed has 80 cm fence. I moved him back to his bed, and he cried loudly, he choked, and finaly slept after that.

The day after that, we did that again, but this time, Laurensia handled it differently. After Miracle woke up in the middle of the night, Laurensia would slept in Miracle’s bed, I will make milk for him, and Laurensia slept with Miracle just for making him feeling safe but it’s still in Miracle’s bed.

I faced this this situation as well, when new thing happened and it’s new experience. We have to adapt, I was lucky to have my family and Laurensia to help me to adapt the situation. It’s been almost a week now, and Miracle can sleep alone in his bed. I’m proud of him and Laurensia helped him to pass through his hardtime.







Greetings from Bu Pauline

Bu Pauline Budianto sent me one video and 2 picture,

she said “Hai Rich, sudah seminggu lebih kami menikmati keindahan hasil karyamu di sekolah AO. Anak2 saya pas lihat pertama kali langsung berbinar matanya…
Katanya: worth it juga ya ma….meninggalkan segala kenyamanan sekolah di belanda….. kalo di Belanda nggak bisa menikmati yg seperti begini.
Thanks Rich! ”

I knew her, for her contributions in the fishermen village at Muara Angke, a part of changes which was proposed during the governance of Basuki T Purnama in Jakarta. I have not still have a chance to meet her in person.

16143100_10210739815627951_5816524469470310579_n 16195365_10210739816027961_110029661047616178_n 16114054_10210739816987985_7687263715221588958_n

Knowing her message, the Honour is for the hardwork for all of people involved,

I remember video sent by Pak Rendy, few weeks ago
It’s a pleasure and honour.


One Big Family

Preparing the background for family’s photos

Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year of the Rooster – has begun and will last until Feb 15, 2018. The new year, also known as the Spring Festival, is marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. The Chinese zodiac is divided into 12 blocks (or houses) just like its western counterpart, but with the major difference being that each house has a time-length of one year instead of one month.

This year, it’s the Year of the Rooster, the 10th animal in the cycle. The next Year of the Rooster will be in 2029.

My family celebrates Chinese New Year as well. We used to have dinner together at the day before, and at chinese new year all of the member of the big family, uncle, auntie, nephew, niece, cousins, come to our home to have lunch together.

It’s a tradition to be together as a family, giving respect to each other. My Dad told me the importance of levelling in construction this morning, he said, he asked the builder to redo casting the concrete when he found the levelling was not right. The owner questioned him, about why he asked them to redo, destroy and rebuild again which my dad will take the budget by himself.

Dad and my Aunts

He said it was for learning, a lesson for his supervisor so he will keep up the standard high with no tolerance.He also said in one morning questioned, which one do you want, be the one who carry or support the weak, or the one who will be carried or supported by other. He also said sometime ago, in family, if there is disagreement, or fight Dad will take side on the weak one, because that is the essence of the family, to understand people as it is, and to help, unite, and be one family.My dad is getting older, his energy may be less than before, I’ve got my lessons, every time I met him.

Happy Chinese New Year, may you and your family be loved by so many great people, and this universe.



Parabolic Plywood Office


The table was arranged by Bu Lisa few days before the photoshoot by Eric Dinardi

Puncak Keemasan Group Office is just published in Archdaily. It’s the effort of truly hardwork and passion by all of the people involved, also with the support by the owner which is been bound to be beautiful memory. In this project the design works with the parabolic and modular shape, exercised into whole series of efficient construction system, efficient architectural finishes, and merged into sequence of experience.

00-langit-langit-kayu00 - Partisi modular kurva.jpg00 - Struktur pohon tumpuk.jpg

We were honoured to work in this project, this project demanded much of time and energy while the construction floor level is not same, it’s tilting, and slanted in 5 cm discrepancy. the construction time demanded to be not more than 3 months. the project struggled to keep on the design and construction going well in the process.

The fabricated module carried to the site one by one, and the project finaly near to completion in the bitter and sweet experience, resulted the picture that Eric took few weeks ago.

But, the most important is, and the honour is to see the owner, PKG group, the staffs happily using the place, and fitting the workspace behaviour into the space into such lovely memory.

I was committed to submit projects to archdaily or dezeen to test and evaluate our quality of work as a part of feedback, and gathering the 1 % of the process as a part of 99% what we have done.

Have a great day all. love you

The Project is designed for Puncak Keemasan Group, Pak Ferry, Bu Lisa, Pak Sugih, Pak Jimmy, Bu Yohana, Pak Iskander.



The Guild is on Archinesia vol 10 Indonesia


35 di Telok Naga, di alfa dan omega. Hidup ini hidupmu.

“Pak sekolah ini harus selesai di bulan Januari” Bu Lisa berkata satu saat. Di dalam hati, saya menghitung waktu, bulan demi bulan, kira kira hanya tersisa 6 bulan lagi dan sekolah ini baru akan direncanakan.Saya menulis di saat – saat saya berumur 35 tahun dengan rambut putih yang mulai tumbuh, ciuman pembuka dari istri dan anak di awal hari, dan dua buah telur, satu mangkuk apel, bedanya sudah tidak ada lagi teh manis di pagi hari, hanya ada air putih saja. Aneh memang, ada banyak perubahan terjadi di tahun ini, makanan berubah, saya pikir sikap pun berubah, saya ingin yang biasa – biasa dan sederhana saja.

Pagi hari itu Laras, Pak Djatmiko, dan Pak Singgih sudah datang, kemudian kita berangkat ke lokasi Telok Naga, sebuah sekolah yang kami kerjakan namanya sekolah alfa omega.

Banyak sekali masalah muncul di lokasi proyek kira – kira di beberapa bulan yang lalu seperti tidak adanya jalan akses, banjir karena ketinggian lahan ada di bawah permukaan jalan, dan lokasi tidak memiliki listrik dan air. Konstruksinya dibuat dengan kombinasi material struktur baja, beton, bata, bambu, nipah dengan ketinggian 2.1 m diatas permukaan tanah kedalaman rata – rata 1.0 – 1.2 m dari permukaan jalan. Konstruksi atap menggunakan kombinasi kurva paraboloid.










Konstruksi dinding menggunakan batu bata ekspos dengan susunan lubang – lubang, gelap terang yang disusun melengkung tanpa menggunakan kolom praktis. Karena bentuk lengkung ini bata bisa duduk dengan stabil. Prinsip Desain pun secara bertahap tumbuh karena kesulitan – kesulitan yang ada di lokasi.

Enter a caption”Pak sekolah ini harus selesai di bulan Januari” Bu Lisa berkata satu saat. Di dalam hati, saya menghitung waktu, bulan demi bulan, kira kira hanya tersisa 6 bulan lagi dan sekolah ini baru akan direncanakan. Bendera ini ide pak Sugih untuk memberikan 7 buah bendera Indonesia di depan sekolah.  


Sekolah dalam proses konstruksi.Pak banyak orang menggantungkan harapannya di sekolah ini, banyak dari mereka yang kembali datang ke sekolah ini dan sekolah ini dekat antara anak yang satu dengan anak yang lain, SD SMP SMA.” Pak Ferry satu saat berkata demikian.

Bu Lisa, Pak Sugih, Pak Jimmy, Pak Iskander, bu Yohana, Pak Ferry, Bu Eunike, Pak Rendy, dan banyak sekali orang silih berganti masuk untuk  berdiskusi dan berkenalan kira – kira 2 tahun yang lalu, terima kasih untuk kepercayaannya. Tidak ada hadiah yang paling membahagiakan selain melihat sekolah ini berjalan di tanggal 17 Januari besok.

Di malam hari kira – kira jam 8 malam, Laurensia menelpon, “Yang kamu dimana” “masih di Telok Naga, ini masih nungguin bu Lisa sama Pak Ferry sapu bersih takut ada yang masih kelewat” jawab saya, Pada waktu itu saya dengan pak Djatmiko, pak Andung, baru menyisir jalan baru yang berlokasi 1 km dari proyek sedang dibangun dengan dan Laras menunggu di bedeng di depan proyek dan ali ada di lapangan.

Laurensia menelpon lagi “Anak – anak sudah nungguin ya di Pizza Hut, sekarang sudah jam 8 malam”

Diri ini pun baru teringat sudah cukup malam, dan dibutuhkan waktu 1 jam lebih untuk ke arah Puri Indah. Diri ini berpamitan dengan Bu Lisa dan Pak Ferry, langsung meluncur ke Puri Indah Mall dengan Ali, Raras. Pak Singgih memilih pulang, pak Djatmiko masih di lapangan, kita harus berbagi – bagi tugas dengan tanggung jawab masing – masing. Di arti alfa yang berarti awalan dan omega yang berarti akhiran. Disitulah ada jeda dan kita semua ada di antara awal dan akhir untuk kemudian siklus pertemuan dan perpisahan terjadi.

ini situasi setelah makan, Miracle sudah tidur
Miftah dan Asep bawa Ubi Cilembu, ide dari Jajo sama Nida ^^ 

Semoga umur 35, diri ini makin bisa bermanfaat untuk orang lain, terima kasih untuk semuanya Tuhan memberikan cinta dari seluruh orang yang ada di lingkaran terdekat, sehari – hari bertemu, dua hari, ataupun baru bertemu.

the two my most lovely angel, Laurensia and Miracle, Maaf ya papa sibuk terus, kita jalan – jalan ya akhir minggu ini. 
[1]  Dan terima kasih untuk seluruh anggota tim ditengah dukungan dari tim alfa omega. seluruh anggota yang besar jumlahnya, dan besar sekali dukungannya, tenaga yang dicurahkan dari bermacam – macam orang, bermacam – macam sifat, latar belakang. Love you all
Team - Reflection Letter

Natalia – Universitas Bina Nusantara

I am very grateful for the opportunity that was given during the last 6 months for an internship in the super cool office where I met many people like kak realrich, my role model, then kak miftah and kak tatyana, both were very professional and perfectionist. For kak rimba, kak ali, kak tolay, ci mak, tirta, kak cong each of them has an important role to the development of my learning process . Mas beng, kak septrio and kak aki, the ‘extra combo’ whom always helpful when I asked about the detail, technical etc

It feels like yesterday I got my very first day as an “intern”, but the time goes so fast till I end up to the moment where I am writing a reflection letter right now. I dont think that I will get a lot of knowledge that I didn’t get on the college, before that I was the one feels that the knowledge I had acquired during college was enough to bring to the workplace, but I was wrong. Precisely in here, in this place, in RAW, I trained a lot. Thank you, the dream team…