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Critical Thinking and Creative Design Process

Ronny Gunawan asked me to share design thinking on projects. How to be creative and critical. The studio in UAJY exercises Plowright as design method. In this diagram shows how to understand context from social cultural technical is the techne. That is the part of acquiring the skill of understanding things / topos / human character / programs and all of the basic things.

Then critical thinking is started on how to filter the information and synthesis the questions. It’s when we form the hypothesis and start the process of mapping. The mapping is the starting of deliberate creativity , the it’s going back and forth to propose and evaluate becoming a proposal.

The practice looks so easy, but the really it’s not easy, because each decision involving the creativity and critical design process and it’s actually involving actors in every decision. How to negotiate between the boundaries. That makes the design is wicked but it’s also proving why architecture is so damn complex and damn powerful. It’s powerful because the proposal is based of steps of process and the culture is not easy. Like my greatest professor said, in every lines, there are design decisions, creative thinking and critical thinking, its shows how good you are and how long you have trained so far.

see you this Friday 18 : 30

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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