Hybrid Indonesian Architecture by Realrich Sjarief | Principal Architect of RAW Architecture

When Yann Follain asked me to join him in Making of Architecture TAB Series 2, I looked at several other presenters such as Goy Architects, Ply Studio Architects, and Chat Architects. They discuss the discourse of making in their regions. Some of them have even done cross-regional lessons in their architectural project. I had in my mind to reinterpret the word discussed in LSAI (Lembaga Sejarah Arsitektur Indonesia) at the beginning of the year. That word is “decolonization architecture.” These complex layers that enrichen Indonesia’s Architecture resulted from a hybrid architecture.


Critical and creative analysis. It’s part of unitizing materials of projects, wisdom, knowledge, and an open attitude to become one language of hybridization in RAW Architecture as case studies. I started the presentation by discussing rhythm 0 by Marina Abramović, and she did the art performance of letting people do something without doing anything. She left the act almost naked. That shows what happens if we stay silent, give up, and remain passive. That includes the condition of the colonization era and how the political affects architecture.

It’s a reflection that will elaborate on the study and transformation of vernacular and traditional roots in creating a Hybrid Indonesian Architecture. I believe that architects, in this case, “we” have territory, cultures, political and economic systems built from vernacular tectonics, method (Design-Thinking), and craftmanship (Design Making). The hybridization of these systems can inform the development of a new approach to architecture, deep-rooted in the rich understanding of local crafts and contexts. This condition paves the way for a process of ‘Decolonisation,’ marking a “cultural, psychological, and economic freedom” practiced by humanity to achieve Indigenous Sovereignty — the right and ability of architects to practice self-determination through collaborations with society.

So this is an attempt to put RAW Architecture, DOT Workshop, Omah Library in the act of reflections as activists to move on our limitations in one short presentation and discussion with Yann Follain. He is the curator of this TAB series and principal of Wy -To architects.


Here are the list sent by Yann Follain,

Q3 #07, Goy Architects : 

  • Q3 #08, Ply Studio Architects :
  • Q3 #09, CHAT Architects :

Please look at the other talks done by such great intellects that I admire.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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