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Gabriela Marcelina – Universitas Kristen Petra

Associate Designer

Affiliation Universitas Kristen Petra

Hello! My name is Gabriela Marcelina, but everyone usually calls me Gaby. I’m in the seventh semester of my architecture studies at Petra Christian University. I come from Surabaya, and from birth to age 21 always “played” not far from Surabaya. In the middle of 2021, I, who had become interested in architecture, decided to step outside of my comfort zone to explore and learn more about architecture by doing an internship at RAW architecture. Long story short, when I first started studying architecture, I didn’t really understand what architecture was, “What did I learn? What brought me here?”.

Until, finally, in the 3rd semester, I began to gain a better understanding of what architecture is and why architects are needed. I recall it vividly. It was the start of the 3rd semester, and we were given a task to design a multi-mass restaurant. At the time, my thought was, “Well, it’s gonna be fun; I can design a restaurant however I want.” But, over time, throughout the tutoring process, I was taught that it is essential to design a building that is not only of our own volition (the designer) but also one that can “please” its residents or visitors. Later, I was asked by my tutor to do a personal analysis of the human programmatic study, which at that time I did not understand the purposes, “what for? There’s already on Neufert’s book.” Until as time goes by, and when I entered the designing process, I just understood the purpose of my tutor telling me to do programmatic analysis, which helped me realize that I can’t only make visually beautiful buildings. But, it is also necessary to create buildings that can make the residents or visitors feel comfortable and safe by studying their behavior.

Through the knowledge that I got, I am very grateful because it has helped me become a more critical, detailed person who thinks holistically, both in the design process during studio projects in school or in competition, and in daily life. Also through lessons during my studies in school about behavioral, biophilic, and sustainability, I become concerned and interested in people, nature, space, existence, and the future. Since there are many processes that I go through while studying architecture in school, I become more “hungry” for architectural knowledge that occurs in real life. “What does the real-life architecture look like?”. This question has been in my head a lot since I was in school. Therefore, to answer the curiosity that has been suppressed for too long, I finally got up the courage and decided to go through the internship at RAW Architecture.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to apply for an internship at RAW Architecture. I’d like to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to join the RAW Architecture family. When it comes to applying to RAW, one of my main goals is to learn. Until, finally, during my internship, what I learned about architecture in RAW far exceeded my expectations. I was very guided in learning about real-life architecture in RAW. Every time I get a new assignment, I am very delighted because every time I completed the task, I gain a lot of insight and knowledge that at first appears to be very unfamiliar to my ear. Every day in the studio, I will definitely hear, understand, and learn new vocabulary about architecture and drawing techniques that I have never known before. Aside from learning about architecture through RAW, I also often get insights about life, which help me to develop and grow into a better person.

Through this testimony, I would also like to thank:

1. Kak Rich is always willing to share his knowledge and insights with others. For example, Kak Rich always gives us much insight about hard skills or soft skill tips related to the studio project every Monday meeting. He also always encourages us to learn writing, and one time he’s willing to teach us about communication skills despite his busy schedule. Also thanks to the presence of Kak Rich, who is always humble and appreciates both the small and big things, the studio environment becomes very friendly, cool, and fun.

2. Kak Timbul, Kak Vivi, Kak Alim, Kak Rico, Kak Riyan, Kak Pandu, Kak Tyo, Kak Haykal, Kak Vyan, Kak Khafid, Kak Mei-Mei, and Kak Fina, who have always been willing to take time out of their busy schedules to teach me about architecture, software, as well as life lessons and many more. Thank you for always sharing with me life insights, always being happy to answer every question that I had about my studies in school when I was confused, always making me laugh with their hilarious jokes, always giving valuable advice, and never making me feel left out.

3. My internship friends, Celine, Neilson, and Kak Ubi, who are always willing to help and teach me whenever I’m unsure and confused about something and are very fun to talk to.

4. The other members of RAW Architecture, are always friendly to me and never make me feel excluded while in RAW.

Lastly, I’m extremely happy and grateful to be a part of the RAW Architecture family. Even though I am currently far away from my family, I feel very happy to have a new family in Jakarta who is willing to accept me, guide me from zero, and always wholeheartedly give me a bunch of knowledge. Surely, all of my experiences and memories in RAW architecture will definitely be remembered fondly in my heart. RAW architecture is indeed the best office ever! ^^

Gaby’s Birthday

Sudah 7 bulan gaby bertapa di guha. mempelajari dinamika dan menerapkan nya di gua nya sendiri. sehingga terus berlatih tanpa henti hingga ahli tanpa di sadari. tidak mudah untuk tetap mencair dengan keaadaan dan bisa menempatkan diri hingga tak nampak dinding pemisah antara internship dengan keadaan sekitar. gabriella yang biasa di panggil gaby kemarin berulang tahun di guha dan ulang tahun pertama ketika jauh dari orang tua nya.

seperti biasa budaya di guha, memberikan refleksi diri dan harapan di umur 22. menurut Millie Ellen umur 22 itu peralihan antara teenager ke adult yang mana bebas melakukan hal yang mau di lakukan terlepas dari ketakutan yang akan di hadapi. merurut Talyor Swift, umur 22 itu senang, bebas, dan bingung di waktu yang sama.

kita semua berharap dengan acara ini, ekosistem Guha selalu mengalirkan hal hal positif dari hulu ke hilir

Video : Muhammad Farhan Nashrullah
Visual Art : Lu’Luil Ma’nun
Backsound Java Undercover by Framelens Audiovisual

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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