Longlisted Dezeen Award 2022 – Emerging Architecture Studio

Longlisted Dezeen Award 2022 – Emergings Architecture Studio
We are humble wanna say, Thank you @dezeen .
We got an email about good news for the RAW Architecture studio. “From over 5,400 entries from 90 countries to Dezeen Awards this year, your studio is one of 29 studios that are in the running to win an award later this year in the studio categories.”
We gather in the courtyard to discuss and appreciate others. This is a message from me to one another as hope and a reflection of our journey process, with the hope of building a culture of a studio with dialogue. We started from a simple garage, to move to another challenge The Guild and Guha and here we are, still progressing and trying our best to serve our client.
Professional architects have a basic task, which is praxis, to approach the reaction action between design methods and reflection on those methods. This is called praxis. Like playing the gamelan on the notes of piano keys. This practice operates on the basis of the concept of harmony. It means a state of freedom from prejudice and ego, which are used to acquire (paradoxically) totality.
Hopefully, the good wishes of the studio and spirit can be maintained and realized. Things that should be improved can be improved, and harmony needs to be practiced to become a good “bridge” between architecture and nature.
Greatfull to joint submission with other great architects like @ad9architects , @anarchitect_co , @archiworkshop_official , Atelier Apeiron, Atelier cnS, @atelier_xi , @buro_ziyu_zhuang , @carlesenrichstudio , @commonaccounts , @dechelette.architecture , @doetsukaritects_, @invisible_studio , @leckiestudio , @loadermonteith , @maneakella , @mudaarchitects , @nomos.architects , @bornsteinlyckefors , @peterpichler_architecture , @tagatelierdgambleite_architecture, @p.o.ar , @ruffarchitects , @studio__susanne_brorson , @tagatelierdgambleite


#RAWarchitectureaward #Realricharchitectureworkshop


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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