the 13 th post

03 May 2006, Singapore

The World is moving so fast, here, beginning all the learning Process with quoting from a pen’s pall that always starts all of the paragraph by word ‘hmmpff..

peacePeace to the world

The Process to find the objectivity is already beginning. The fingers that always dance just stop to mesmerize. Right now, is it right path? And how to the life our life? Do we just have to start from the beginning? Until Now, I enjoy live, and questioning the entire question, now I think is the time to answer.

From this place I learn the best essential study that I haven’t got before. Just keep in mind that everything happened in your life will be your best thing you ever had. Prepare your sketch book. Learn again from beginning, after the very high speed in the last year. Completing the puzzle before the proficiency deadline occurs. Here I learn to do, have an initiative, get through the best life. Just today, with happily of finding euphoria, I have just found a new teacher, a place to learn for one year. We don’t have to start from beginning; we just go through the way and find the answer. I finally found that it’s very difficult to prevent the word ‘I, using word ‘I for the others, then everyone will smile to you.

In the loneliness in this new city, I enjoy the architecture steps that lay here, the light, the shadow, the form and the untaught of the dream architecture. Live your life lively, enjoy the life .I have got the inspiration from a book titled ‘1000 places to visit before you die’, I realize that the time is not long enough, to enjoy and learn, so ….what to do next

For this speed and speedy time, vanished with the cheering on 4 am, when the dream was starting to make its own ending title. The sound was from a little girl that always waked me up for one full week on the last week. The Girl is my niece, very cute. When I remember those sounds, its make me smile and breathe again facing the reality. That was really helpful; make my mind rest up although often hearted so loud in my ear.

The original poem (for the hispanoparlantes): Lo Fatal

How fortunate the tree that is scarcely aware,…

and more so the hard stone because it no longer feels,…

since there is no greater pain than the pain of living,…

nor deeper sorrow than conscious life. …

Being, and knowing nothing, and being without a true course,

and the fear of having been, and a future terror…

And the certain dread of being dead tomorrow, …

and suffering because of life, and because of shadow, and because of

what we don’t know and scarcely suspect, …

and the flesh that tempts with its fresh-picked bunches, …

and the tomb that awaits with its funeral bouquets,…

and not knowing where we are going,..

nor from where we have come….!




Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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