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Tracing The Dots

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Taylor University graduates invited me to share experience with dots in Realrich Architecture Workshop (RAW Architecture). I thought this presentation would be about not myself but the students and how they can trace their dots looking at the sharing. So I planned my presentation is about the unseen pathway and how to reconcile yourself if you face fear, failure, success, and further trauma. This presentation was the first time I tried to reconcile my experience, things that made me come back to Indonesia after working in London and studying in Sydney. My reason was my loved one, the willingness to make a family, and sacrifice by calculating the pros and cons. 1st that, obtaining an architect’s license for my with my b arch degree was not possible, I needed to extend my studies, took three different tests, and it cost five digits GBP. And it’s crossed with my ego. In the end, we discussed that Laurensia’s dentist license not be sacrificed. I can be more robust by practicing in Indonesia by winning competitions, and having a few projects run by developers and close relatives.

For me, architecture is very personal, which creates vital radiance to others as echoes, and the echoes represent other voices that might support and distract. The pathway to reconciling our own creates a more vital radiance that leads to the reality of our dream. By then, to build more vital radiance, I need to improve my resiliency by experiencing and maintaining my passion.

Ee Von tried to engage in discussions, which make deep talk in session and project the reality in our relationship with the client, not by saying yes or no, but by asking more profound questions that make me appreciate the options and ask the relevancy of the questions. In our journey in 2014, as a family, we got helped by Dhisti and Mirza as clients. They introduced some of the diagnoses and anticipation for my wife. By having that, Miracle was born 1.5 years after, and Heaven was born in 2020.

Life is unimaginable and an unexplored forest when I look back 20 years ago. Like many students will experience, but if I imagine now, I think everyone has their orbit and their rotation to get their purpose, contributing to others. My family is getting bigger, from Laurensia to Miracle, to Heaven, reconcile with my father, mother, brother and sisters, designers, librarians, colleagues, students, and clients. I am fulfilled and grateful for all of the blessings.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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