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Practicing Design Philosophy

I was invited by Altrerosje Asri to share some how to practice philosophy in architecture. There are several questions that we can discuss in the class such as : What is the current crisis in architecture students and academia, and practitioners ? What is the problem ? Is there any correlation to understanding philosophy ?

I tried to digest this over and over in my practice, there are several possibilities in this hybrid world, digital which is in hyper speed and our offline world which is slow pace like our heart beat. Maybe the question of what your purpose is , become quite fundamental to reorient ourselves in both world.

The session includes the discussion with students in the middle of presentation. My presentation is quite fortunate to be able to see the lecturers : Altre, Joyce, and Wira stood back and let the students explored their purposes. I felt that everybody was rough, including my self, and we are finding ourselves sharpen our thought, words, and feeling to be better person.

After the session I felt that this kind of sharing and discussion including presentation is more fulfilling as it provides not only one way or top – down, but allowing guidance and unpredictable sequence for the students to tell their own story.

At the end, what’s the meaning of our life ?

For myself, it’s the contribution for our memories, not sentimental, but building a deeper conversations that brings memories.


My tears drop and I felt touch of heaven.


Info from the event :

Kuliah Umum: “practicing design philosophy”
Realrich Sjarief, S.T., MUDD, IAI
Studio Merancang 6 & Teori Arsitektur Universitas Petra
Thursday, March 10 · 9:00 – 11:00am

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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